Friday, March 4, 2011

Frantic Friday Fragments

Frantic isn't the best word. But it's been a busy week, I haven't been able to get my blog posts done and auto-psoted the night before, and my time at work has been packed with meetings so it takes a couple of hours of popping in and out to get a post done. Supposed to run a 10K tomorrow. The forecast? From my favorite weatherman, Paul Poteet: Saturday: Morning rain, possibly heavy and with a few thunderstorms. Showers continue through the afternoon. High around 52 in the morning, falling to around 42 by late afternoon. Guess I need to get a big, black trash bag. Or invest in a poncho of some sort. Not sure how I feel about running in downpours and falling temps. I have a confession. I was not completely honest yesterday. I ate food that I didn't snap a pic of and share. I wasn't trying to keep it a secret. It was just... bedtime. I was hungry, I ate (too much) and went to bed. I started out healthy, finishing my colors with raspberries and blackberries. Then I saw the leftovers from the dinner Jeff and the kids had and decided it would be fine to finish of the fried rice- with peas and carrot and pork. Then 6 Junior Mints. And a good amount of water. I need to break my eating-at-night habit and I'm not sure the best way to go about accomplishing that goal. Advice is welcome! This morning, I got a great start on eating my colors with a fruit salad. Tangelo, kiwi, raspberries, blackberries. Orange, green, red, purple. I have to stick with that lovely light breakfast because Christy and I are carb loading at lunch with Noodles and Co's new grown up mac n cheese - the truffle mac with baby portabellas, specifically. Is it lunch time yet?? I had made mention in a comment about how I eat M&M's. Instead of sharing that as a fragment... well, it really deserves its own post. Look for that one next week. It's one of the few areas where I'm really OCD and if my way of eating M&M's was the only thing you knew about me... you'd have a long list of judgements that aren't me at all. I love it when my kids love each other. Which really is most of the time. They are friends and they really enjoy each other and I'm very blessed for that. Most of all, and for a lot of reasons, I love them when they are asleep. Partially because it means things are quiet. Mostly because it means I can kiss and snuggle them without getting pushed away.
Last, but not least, I just have to share my excitement over having business cards for my blog! Blocked out my last name just because you never know who's happening upon a website- I think most people that read me might know my full name- it just feels like a level of safety I should still embrace for some reason. Anyway. Now I'm set to attend marketing events, conferences, or just hand them out on the street corner!



HAPPY FRIDAY! Any fun weekend plans ahead for you??

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Momza said...

love your babies' sleepin' faces!
and your rainbow menus
and your honesty
and your biz card...
you are pretty awesome, Liz!

3 Chunky Dunks said...

Hey Liz. I used to have an issue with eating at night, now I just drink water and chew gum if I have a "craving" late at night. Turns out that the chewing motion really helps, plus the water fills you up. Hope that helps!

Call Me Cate said...

I love your cards. Which reminds me that I've been meaning to tell you for quite awhile how much I love your logo.

Karen M. Peterson said...

OOh, I hope your 10K works out.

I'm supposed to run my first 5K tomorrow and I'm dealing with the beginnings of a respiratory infection of some sort. Ick. I'm still going through with it. I just might end up walking. We'll see.

Love your cards. Reminds me that I REALLY need to get mine done!

Bill Lisleman said...

OCD M&M eating - I'm looking forward to that post. I have some OCD habits but nothing associated with eating (at least that I ever noticed).
Blog Business cards - I don't think I would bother but at least you might win a free lunch in one of those bowls.

Bill Lisleman said...

Oh I this just occurred to me. If you like (actually I would be honored) you can use my profile picture for your M&M post. Just identify where it came from which I sure you would.

Rachael said...

It's so much fun to see those business cards for the first time! Very cool.

I love sibling love, it's the best thing ever!

Garret said...

I like the sibling love. Fun stuff. I like the business cards. Eating late at night? That's my downfall too. A bag of popcorn at night so I have no advice.

Mrs4444 said...

I really, really loved the video; it's adorable. I helped Mr.4444's mom sort through old photo slides today. There was one of Mr.4444 (age 3 or so) totally hugging his brother in front of a tent at a campsite. When I got home and told him, he said, "Me?! Hugging my brother? Really?!" Funny.

Your food looks delicious. I hope you had a dry run! :)

Your business card looks terrific!

Paul Poteet Dot Com said...

Is it too late for me to hide my last name?

And...did you end up running Saturday?