Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cookies and Canvas and The Indianapolis Zoo

Teagan had a fantastic birthday party with her friends on Saturday. I love that she smiled so much, that the small room was filled with laughter and giggles for most of the party, and that Teagan felt surrounded by friends who love her.

Cookies and Canvas is a special program offered through Wine and Canvas. I first learned of Wine and Canvas at Chateau Thomas- a wine bar where Wine and Canvas had come to do a few events. Christy and I meant to do one of those events- where an artists leads the group in creating a painted canvas masterpiece. But never got around to it and when I visited their website- I found Cookies and Canvas. See that smile on Teagan's face? It was there for the entire 2+ hours of the party.
Instead of cake, we had special cookies from a local bakery. Teagan was thrilled with them and the kids loved them- they were a total hit!
We did a candle in the elephant cookie Teagan chose and all sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Instead of blowing out the candle, she waved it out with her hand- silly girl.
All of the masterpieces- and very happy kiddos!
We had dinner that night with Jeff's parents, Christy, and Uncle Briney at Texas Roadhouse. We kept smiles on our faces for Teagan's sake- it was her choice to eat there, she wanted to sit in the birthdya saddle and get her "Yeehaw!" But it was the most disappointed any of the adults have been in that restaurant. They are usually awesome but this time was... mediocre at best. But Teagan had fun and loved it and that's the part that really matters.

Sunday, my parents and brothers came to visit for the afternoon. The plan was that we would meet them at the zoo. However, Zach came down with pink eye and a double ear infection so he had to stay home with Daddy and get eye drops going and pink medicine going. Very thankful for quality Immediate Care near our home with Sunday hours! So it was just Teagan and I. We were both very sad that Zach and Daddy weren't with us but Teagan loved that I let her pick out a present to bring home to her brother.

You can find more pics from the Zoo and neighboring Gardens (there is a beautiful orchid show going on there) at my photo site. Here are a few people pics from the day, though!

We have a newish addition to our zoo family- cheetahs. And there is a "race a cheetah" thing where you pay 50 cents, and it tracks your speed and the "cheetah" is a light across the top and it tells you how far you'd get before the cheetah catches you. No one ever makes it very far.

  Love this picture- my "little" brother imparting some sort of wisdom on my little girl.

  Now, the celebrating is over. My baby girl is 6 years old. She feels a lot less little these days. She's a little person now and all signs of babyness are gone. Thankfully, she still wants snuggles and kisses and hugs and tickles. Thankfully, she still smiles at me with those gorgeous blue eyes.



Call Me Cate said...

I love everything about Cookies and Canvas. And everything MORE about Wine and Canvas. But that looks like such an awesome party for kids. Teagan looks ridiculously happy, just as she should.

Unknown said...

The bday party looks amazing! What a great idea!

Katherine said...

What a great birthday party. I wonder if they have something like that around here. I'm going to have to check. Teagen's smile is amazing!

Tracy said...

My goodness, what an AWESOME idea for a birthday party!

Alison said...

I love that Zach got to play along too...that last picture with him totally hidden by his canvas is too funny! I like the idea of cookies rather than cake...easier to eat, probably fewer calories, and easier to avoid a ton of leftovers. Plus, y'know, they're super cute. :)

C. Beth said...

Love the party idea--and such beautiful pics of Teagan at the zoo.

Garret said...

First of all, the photos. They are so awesome. Clear and vibrant. I always love your photos. I especially loved the one of the kids holding their master pieces and the one of Zach's side view canvas shot.

Sorry I rubbed off on you when it came to your restaurant experience.

I really liked those racing the Cheetah pics too!

Anne Eurose said...

Cookies and canvas...what a great idea! Happy birthday to your little one :).

Amy said...

That party looks awesome! And the any leftovers?