Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The 2 A.M. Podcast

My week has been busy. I wanted to share pics from all of the birthday celebrating that went on this weekend but haven't had time to put such a post together.

Instead, I'm going to throw out a quick post and tell you about my husband's new venture- a podcast. He and a couple of his friends, Dave and Brian, get together once a week and talk about stuff and record it and want you to listen to it.

They've managed to drag me in as well- I started as a fill in for the third person and have now also been asked to join in as a 4th person. They record in our basement so it's easy to join in and I enjoy the topics more than I thought I would, honestly. Sometimes they talk about stuff outside of my interests or even over my head but I participate and have gotten to know Jeff's friends better and that's cool.

Best of all, Jeff wants me there and likes me being part of this project with him. That alone is reason to continue.

So go check out the 2 A.M. Podcast. Each episode runs about an hour. Thanks!



Garret said...

As an added bonus, I get mentioned a time or two soooo it's really worth it. :-)

Bill Lisleman said...

remember when podcast were the big thing? I actually thought they would never stop growing but I pretty sure they have dropped in number. I'll need to return to listen but you could tell what topics were in the last one.

Anonymous said...

They crack me up! Iodonized Salt Forcefield!! That was clever, Liz!

Karen M. Peterson said...

How fun! I'm always looking for good new podcasts.