Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project 52:2

Here's the history. Here's the update! No news is good news, right?

When it comes to taking control of the clutter and such, no further progress has been made. My goal for the weekend was to collect up the bags of clothes that I've got around the house and get them into the car and get them to Goodwill. I also wanted to get my kitchen in better working order.

Sometimes, life has other plans. This was a weekend where there simply wasn't time to dedicate to housework. Saturday morning, I got out for a run. I left the house around 7. Got home, showered, went to meet my friend for a breakfast meeting at 9:30, met the family at Target to do birthday party gift shopping and dinner stuff, drop off some groceries at home, off to grab lunch, to the birthday party at the firehouse, home to make dinner (taco night), bedtime. Sunday I'm at church before 9 and then had a meeting after second service and then went to meet the family for lunch so we didn't get home until almost 2. Sundays are usually focused on getting ready for the week ahead- doing laundry, checking backpacks, etc. Jeff had friends coming over around 5 or 6- Dave and Brian, Jeff's podcast co-hosts. Jeff needed something from Target so I took the kids to pick it up for him. Dropped Zach home and T and I went out for a dinner date. Home in time for bedtime.

So the weekend went by with no additional work accomplished beyond the normal amount of cleaning- doing dishes, folding laundry, picking up toys. I thought I'd feel worse about it but since I know we were truly busy and I wasn't just sitting around doing nothing... I feel ok about it.

The week ahead is jam packed- the schedule is set for tonight (I have a doctor's appointment to check me out for exercise induced asthma), tomorrow (dinner at church followed by the kick off of the group I'm co-leading), and Thursday (I'm meeting with a store manager and then have music team). I have my 10K run Saturday morning. The kids have a birthday party Saturday afternoon.

Maybe my Project 52 should really be about carving time into our crazy schedules for some downtime!



BgKahuna said...

What is Project 52?

Eternal Lizdom said...


It's a way of keeping track of goals with a weekly check in. I've got to get my house in order... I'm not one to make new year's resolutions... so I'm using Project 52 to try and keep on some sort of track week to week. Karen usually posts a weekly check in but hasn't yet this week.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm so excited for your 10K. Can't wait to hear all about it!

I have my first 5K on Saturday morning. I'm a little nervous.