Monday, November 21, 2011

3 Days

I went 3 days without blogging.


Got a little busy.  And I don't think it's going to let up.

Here's a few things to share...

1. If you are on Facebook and want an easy and no-cost-to-you way to help a great group that does great work in Guatemala, please consider giving a quick vote to Mission Guatemala.  My church recently had 2 teams travel down there to work.  The group does great things there- building homes, providing improvements to homes and food supplies, providing dental and medical care, feeding children. 
Click on this link for Mission Guatemala

Click on the green "Vote & Share" button.

You may be prompted to like Chase Community Giving page. Please "like" Chase Giving page.

Make sure to click on "Vote & Share" button again.

When you click on the Vote & Share button, a new window may open that states: "Chase Community Giving" is request permission to do the following...". This window will have an "Allow" button that needs to be clicked.

Once you click the Allow button, a new message will appear with the "Vote & Share" button at the bottom.

Voting is not complete unless you click this "Vote & Share" button and see a message "Thanks for your Vote", and the vote count increases. The link to Vote will appear on your Facebook page as well after you Vote successfully. That is how you know that you have done it correctly, plus next to your photo on the upper center right of the page it will say: 9 VOTES LEFT...or any number if you have voted previously.

2.  If you are looking for a truly hands on way to directly help someone this holiday season, I've got a project going on that you could be part of.  Needs this year are so great and so many holiday budgets are going towards covering basic living expenses or home emergencies.  Savings are blown through and there's nothing left.  I'm fortunate to be part of a group of moms that comes together every year to provide Christmas for families who need a little love for the holidays.  So if you'd like to be part of our efforts, please leave me a comment or drop me an email (gentlemomlc gmail).

3.  I'd also encourage you to be courageous in your own efforts where you live to reach out. Maybe you have a co-worker who is struggling this year... maybe a child in your daughter's class...  maybe your favorite server at your favorite local restaurant... just consider the compassion you can give to others around you.  A bigger tip, a brighter smile, a kind word, a supportive note.

4.  I did my first Kiva loans a few months ago and 1 of the 2 has been paid off and another is making progress.  Because of that, I had money that I could reloan, take for myself, or donate directly to Kiva.  I wanted to loan again so I started looking.  And I found a woman named Joyce in Kenya who was seeking a loan for her farming needs.  I chose Joyce because she needed a last loan of $25 to complete her needs (her toal need amount was $450)- I got excited to be the person to make the loan complete.  Do you Kiva?

5. And finally... when you do your holiday shopping this year, I encourage you to consider visiting local boutiques and shops for your shopping list.  I think that the best way to support our communities is by putting the money we spend into the pockets of people who are our neighbors and who are supporting their families through their entrepeneurship.  So visit a local gallery, make a deal with your favorite knitter or wood carver, go check out that "make your own pottery" place.  I haven't done much shopping yet but what I've done has come from an independent bookstore and a craft show.

Now- share your tips! What are some ways you are giving this year?



Anonymous said...

I SOOO need to start a gratitude list. I did it years ago and it was really helpful but fell off from it...

Rebecca said...

I plan to make cookies and take to a nearby fast food place where my family and I go frequently. A server there is amazing and she needs to be recognized. I also plan to write a letter through the website and send to her bosses/boss...

I also am collecting books from my kids closets (I have 40 right now) to donate to kids who have no books. (Even though I took 40 books from my kids closets...they still have over 100 books...each)

Garret said...

Personally I like doing one of those name tags from a tree, bring a wrapped gift sorta thing. Sponsoring a family holiday meal is also great.