Monday, November 28, 2011


On Sunday, I shared with you that we had very limited time to do a lot of work in our living room to get things ready for Christmas.

A few weeks ago, Jeff and I had talked briefly about rearranging the living room but then decided it was too much effort.

Sunday, I headed to church for the morning.  Left the house around 9:00.  After 2nd service, I headed over to Jeff's parent's house for our Thanksgiving celebration with them.  Jeff arrived a bit after us- he probably got there around 12:30.  And told me right away that I wasn't going to be happy because the house was a complete shambles.

Instead of just moving the one shelf I wanted moved to make room for the Christmas tree, he proceeded with the total rearrangement plan.  But was only in mid-switch when it was time to head to lunch.

And he was right- it was a shambles.  But he'd gotten a lot of work done so we spent a couple of hours getting the big furntiure moving done and then he spent time working on hooking up all the electronics.

I had today off work and spent my time putting things away, cleaning off shelves, organizing, throwing away trash, and so on. 

It still isn't done.  But here is a picture of that corner- this is the "after" and you can see that it is totally different!

And as you can see, the tree is up.  We haven't fluffed it or fixed the branches or even gotten the decorations out yet.  But we wanted to get it set up.  I did some digging and found some decorations I haven't had out in a long time- my Christmas Village.  Having small kids in the house means not having a lot of breakables around.  But I decided that this year... I think we can handle it.  I left the really breakable things put up.  But I'm happy to have our unique Christmas Village all set up!

Progress is being made and I feel really good about the work we've been doing to our living room.  The best part is that Jeff is talking about getting the dining room cleaned up now that it isn't just hiding behind the couch.  The new arrangement leaves the room more open and I really like it. 

It isn't done but it is progress!



Bill Lisleman said...

is that a space ship in the Christmas Village? I knew those wise men had better transportation than camels.
Merry Christmas - have a low stress holiday

Nancy said...

Love it!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Mision accomplished! It looks really great.
Cheers, jj

Alison said...

I'm glad Bill asked about the spaceship...I didn't want to seem rude. :P

Miss Chef does stuff like that to me all the time: starts a big, massive project and runs out of time to finish it. But as often as not, it's the kick in the butt we need to change something that's been bothering us. Sure, the dishes don't get done, or we run out of clean laundry. But, y'know, that's life; sometimes you've got to readjust your priorities for a bit.

Enjoy your decorations, however incomplete they may be!

C. Beth said...

Very fun--I like the Christmas village! And even after the Christmas season is done, I know it'll be great to have some of that rearranging already complete.

KPCL Girl said...

A UFO? I hope so!!!

Garret said...

I see a robot too. Oh and green alien feet under the ship.