Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Fairs

Our school is having a Scholastic Book Fair this week.  Our preschool has had events like this but different.  At the preschool, catalogs were sent home and links were emailed so you could order books online.  This is our first official Book Fair where you send money to school and your kid picks out what they want to buy.

First, I want to brag a little on my girl.  She knew what she wanted- A Dolphin Tale.  She showed the catalog to Zach and he got excited to see Lightening McQueen books.  I was so proud that she brought home the book she wanted, a collection of 5 Lightening McQueen stories, a Scooby Doo book for them to share, and a Biscuit book that she can read on her own.  She was very excited to get a receipt showing her purchases and to bring home 4 cents in change.

But that isn't the purpose of this post.

I'm thinking that it might be Book Fair time at your school, too.  Or maybe there will soon be a Book Fair at your school.

As a kid, we struggled financially.  My mom was a single mom and sometimes it was tough to make ends meet.  There wasn't extra in the budget for things like skating parties or book fairs. 

I loved to read, I loved books.  I felt the excitement in my school as Book Fair time approached.  And I remember the Book Fair setting up in our school library.  I remember our class having time to go to the Book Fair and look at the books and other offerings. 

And I knew there wasn't anything for me.

There were books I wanted.  But there wasn't money for them.

I missed out on many things as a kid but the Book Fair is one of those things that has always stayed strong in my memory. 

When I sent in the envelope for Teagan's budgeted spending money, I sent in a second envelope.  I included a note to the teacher and $10.  I asked her to please use the money if she knew of a student that maybe couldn't participate in the Book Fair because of struggles at home. 

I'm sharing this because my hope is that others might consider doing the same.  It doesn't take much to have a big impact on someone else's life.  It doesn't take much to show kindness to others.  This is just one way to care for someone else that maybe you hadn't considered before. 



Alison said...

Wow, Liz, what a kind, thoughtful thing to do! And money well-spent, I say. Anything to encourage young readers.

I, too, remember book fairs very very fondly. I was generally able to order a few every time. There were always more books I wanted than we had the budget for, though! :)

Jackie said...

I'm tearing up Liz! What a fabulous idea.

Call Me Cate said...

I love that idea, Liz. My grandmother usually made sure I had a few dollars for something like a book fair but I can remember other things where I went without and sometimes it was really hard. That was very thoughtful!

And therefore it's no surprise that Teagan was thoughtful in her purchases as well.

Jessica Nunemaker from little Indiana said...

That's a great idea!

Our "project" is to always, ALWAYS stop when we see someone at the side of the road.

On the way to the media marketplace, already late, and in nice clothes? We stopped, hubs changed a tire.

On a little Indiana trip where we have to be at places at specific times? Yup, we stopped--and gave the lady a ride to her home. Way out in the country.

I hope your post encourages others to step outside of their comfort zone.

In this economy, we can ALL use a little help!

Di said...

That was so thoughtful of you! I too always loved the book fair!

Rebecca said...

Yes, I agree that sending in such a small amount of money can make a huge difference in a kids life.

And my daughter bought the same book Dolphin Tale!

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea. I'm going to do it at my daughter's next book fair.

Leigh Powell Hines said...


I want to thank you for you remarks on my blog today. Such words of wisdom, and I enjoyed hearing your perspective on things.

I am so touched by this post today. Our book fair is next week. I, too, will do the same. What a heatfelt post, and a simple reminder. So glad I found your blog today, and thanks for reaching out to me.

I will look forward to reading other posts, and that roast below looks very good, too.


Unknown said...

What a great idea! Our book fair is next week. I am going to pay your comment forward, Liz! Not only am I going to send an envelope, but I am also going to post the idea on our PTA's facebook page and encourage others to consider doing the same. Great idea!

Jessica said...

I LOVE this idea!! My oldest is starting school next year, and I fondly remember our own book fairs. While my parents never let us go without, I remember plenty of children who did. I am going to do the same next year. I will send an extra envelope in for a child that cant afford it.

You are so inspiring. Im so glad I found your blog through Shell's link up!

Adrienne said...

How sweet and thoughtful! I remember not getting books at the book fair too. Cool school supplies were not on the list either. I'm sure there was a blessed little one today. Way to go!

C. Beth said...

I love this idea!!