Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FitCity: Healthy Thanksgiving!

Looking for some last minute inspiration to help keep you on track with making some healthier choices this Thanksgiving?  Check out my latest FitCity Indianapolis post!


Tomorrow is the Big Day- the day I wait for all year long.  Thankgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love the history of this holiday, the focus on gratitude, and also the food!  I love gathering with friends and family around the table for all kinds of yummy side dishes to accompany that big turkey.  And I dream of Thanksgiving pies all year.  My mom is famous for her chocolate cream pie, cheesecake, and pecan pie.

It’s easy for Thanksgiving to become a free-for-all in the eating and lazy afternoon department.  But there are some easy things we can all do to make the day a little healthier and still enjoy all it has to offer!

I received some information from the physicians of St. Vincent here in Indianapolis and I think these are tips that are easy to incorporate!

1)       Make a list and check it twice before heading to the grocery store. Planning your meals helps curb impulse buying.

2)       Use smaller plates. When you have a big plate, instinct tells you to fill the entire plate. However, by using a smaller plate you have less room and will put less food on your plate.

3)       Variety is the spice of life! If you really want a bite of everything that is being served, then have a small bite of each thing rather than denying yourself. If you don’t satisfy your craving, it’s likely that you’ll eventually end up eating the desired item anyway.

4)       Veg out. It might be difficult to completely cut out the high-calorie favorites like dressing and buttery rolls. But if you eat small amounts of these items and fill up on things like the veggie tray, salad or roasted vegetables, you’ll be doing great things for your health

5)       Don’t drink your calories. Choose water, sugar-free drinks or skim milk to limit calories.

I think those are all pretty easy to incorporate into my celebration this year.  The challenge will be not having 4 servings on that smaller plate.  And what about the veggies that we load up with creamy sauces and butter?  Is it possible to make my favorite side dishes a little healthier, too? 

Last year, I tried this fresh green bean recipe and it was a hit and it’s definitely heathier than green bean casserole with its cream soup base and fried onions.  My mom always makes a platter of roasted veggies.  We’ve included other fresh veggies at our table before.  There are some great and easy recipes for things like brussels sproutsacorn squashcauliflower, or carrots

Resist the urge to crash on the couch after your meal.  I hear the weather is supposed to be great this year so why not get outside for a family walk or a family football game?  And if you’re feeling really motivated, start your day with a 20 or 30 minute workout first thing.  Not only are you getting active, but you just might find yourself less stressed as the day goes on.

What are you doing to add some healthy options to your holiday this year?


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