Sunday, November 27, 2011


Putting up a Christmas tree really shouldn't be such a challenge. 

This year, we are eager for a change in our living room.  We want to rearrange furniture to prepare for tree placement.  But then we get tired from that whole parenting thing and once bedtime arrives, we have no energy to even consider rearrangement. 


So my goal for this weekend is to get one specific corner cleared out and the small pieces of furniture set into new spots.  I want our tree up and decorated by the end of today.  This will be a challenge since church will keep me away from home from about 8:45 until... well all afternoon because we will be doing Thanksgiving with Jeff's family after church.  Our day will not be spent at home.

So meeting my goal is going to be a serious challenge.

Ready? Set? Go!



Nancy said...

If I were closer, I would totally come over to help you. I have been cleaning, throwing, donating, and decorating like crazy!

C. Beth said...

Looking forward to the "After" picture! :)

Garret said...

Uhhhh yeah, good luck with all that.

Alison said...

Definitely a challenge. I think you either have too small a house, or too much Stuff! (Miss Chef will occasionally say we could use one more room to our house, and I say, no, 'cause then we'd just end up with more Stuff.)

Ok, so I'm hoping for an update today... :)