Monday, November 14, 2011


This past Sunday, Pastor Rusty's children's sermon focused on the importance of being the spark that starts good things happening.  He urged the kids to speak up to their teachers and parents when they see an opportunity to help.

Today, I got to be a spark.

Someone was in need and the situation was pretty desperate.  All I did was ask a couple of groups of people if they could help out financially.  And they came through with flying colors. 

Not a single one of those helpers is rich enough to fix this immediate need with one donation.

But when enough people make a lot of smaller donations, big change happens. 

A small spark leading to many little fires that is blooming into a bonfire.

There are so many ways to be that spark.  I think the best way is to live as authentically as possible.  When you are your true self, when you aren't afraid of giving to others, when you aren't worried about stepping outside of your comfort zone, that's when the life you live is the spark. 

Speak up.  If you know someone who is struggling, reach out.  Maybe all they need is to know someone cares, maybe you can start a wildfire.

Be the spark.



Rebecca said...

This post is awesome. And why is it that people are afraid to help? It's not only hard to reach out but sometimes just as hard (more difficult) to accept that help.

C. Beth said...

I love that word the spark. That's pretty awesome that you were the spark today, Liz. :)

Garret said...

You could update the "I am" section about you to include that you're a spark. :-) Good job!

Anonymous said...

It is your spark that makes others want to be part of the bonfire!