Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Fragments!!

I am starting my Fragments on Thursday night, I have to admit. And I am in SUCH a good mood! We frag because of the Fours. Mrs4444, that is. She is our lovely host, bringing us together each Friday to share our random ramblings to wrap up the work week. * First of all, if you are one of the Fraggers who only gets to swing by on Fridays, I hope you will take some extra time to hit what I think are my better posts and such this week. First, I celebrated my 1 year Blogiversary! My other favorite posts are on moms being our soft places to fall- and specifically how my mom and I have developed into that relationship- and a post on bullying and kindness. * I have a date with my husband tonight!! Our preschool is going to do monthly "Fantastic Fridays." The teacher and assistant from the all day care program are partnering up to do a Friday evening child care event. It's from 6:30 to 9:30 for kids age 2-8. We will give it a try tomorrow evening- Jeff and I will go out to dinner, provided Zach is ok with us leaving. He never wants to leave when we drop Teagan off so I am hopeful that he will want to stay without us. The plan at the school is pizza, crafts, movie... Jeff and I are hoping it works and we will just go out and enjoy a child-free dinner. * I have a date with myself Saturday night! I am going to Ball State University to see their production of Hair. I've shared my passion for Hair before so I am really pumped about going!! * I love how God works. I'm hoping that there is an opportunity heading my way that is an answer to some prayers... in regards to my health, my motivation... I'll keep you posted! * I'm testing another phone for Verizon- the Nokia 7705 Twist. I haven't played with it much but it is pretty cute!! It seems to be a fun little phone. * My favorite moment in parenting this week... Driving home from school, Teagan begins to whine because I forgot to bring a snack. I was feeling silly so I told her, "Oh no! No whining! I can't hear any whining! My head is all full of lots of important stuff like driving home and planning dinner and remembering people's names! If you keep whining, my head will fill up with whines and all the important stuff will start falling out!" Christy played along and begins listing stuff that I need to remember. I pipe up, "Thank you, eeeehhhhhhh! Oh no! I forgot your name! It's been replaced by a whine! Quick- Teagan, use your normal voice and words so i can get her name back!" Do you know it totally WORKED? There is such a place and need for silliness in parenting. Click on over to Half Past Kissin' Time and go visit the other Fraggers and if you do some Fraggin', be sure to add your own link!


4 Lettre Words said...

Happy Blogiversary! Hope you enjoy the show tomorrow night.

Sara Elizabeth said...

Happy 1 year Blogiversary!

Seeing HAIR sounds like fun. I Love that soundtrack. It's so fun.

Happy FF!

Joanie said...

When my kids were little, we never told them it was bedtime. Their dad would ask them if they anted to walk upstairs or if he would carry them. Carry me! Kids fell for it every time! And we only every read stories in bed. That worked too.

Have fun tonight!! I hope Zach cooperates!

mub said...

That's so cool that the preschool is organizing that! I hope it works out and you guys enjoy your date =)

Alison said...

Wow, sounds like a great week! I think the daycare's Friday idea really is Fantastic! I can't imagine going back to work for a night shift at the end of a long week. Bless them!

What you call silliness, I call creativity. I love it!

Mrs4444 said...

Brilliant trick, there, Mommy; parenting without creativity is not fun! Your good news is intriguing, and I'm happy for you. I love that your school is doing that; it's a terrific idea!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)