Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday Fragments- A Birthday Edition!


It’s a big day today- one that I knew was coming but that still managed to sneak up on me.  I’ve been distracted with Zach’s illness, Teagan’s illness, work stress… but no excuses.  Today is a day of celebration.  Today, my baby boy turns 2 years old. 

My water broke at kick off of Monday Night Football on Oct 22, 2007.  16+ hours later, Zachary Robert was born.  He was a big baby- 9 lb 6 oz- and ate well (gained 1 pound in his first week), slept well (slept 10 hours a night in the hospital), and was a generally easy baby.  He has taught us a lot about joy and love. 

My smooshy newborn…8770 

My big boy- 2 years old!


Teagan is doing a little better. No more complaints of leg pain.  The fever seems to come and go and the cough has gotten phlegmier. 

I need your input!!  For the last 2 weeks, some blog friends and I have done some “assigned subject” exploratory sharing blogging… It started with 1 idea and grew to a second and… it seems to be well received.  I don’t think Thursday is the best day as there are other memes that many bloggers participate in. So maybe Wednesday would be better?  Let me know your thoughts… and watch for info coming up!

Yay for the Senate passing the gay hate crimes bill!!!

Today is Oct 23. This would be a great day for you to go and feel your boobies if you haven’t done so recently.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Early detection is the key. 

October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  There are some blogs that I follow who are very passionate on the subject and use blogging as a medium to educate and empower.  Please take some time to visit Heather at Singing With My Heart and Maggie at Okay. Fine. Dammit.    Heather is asking people to Comment for a Cause in October.  Maggie has an ongoing project- Violence Unsilenced.  Take some time and visit these blogs and sites and read some amazing stories of bravery.  Maybe you will find a way to empower someone in your own life who is living a violent secret.

CJ Boyfriend Jeans… I caught a few minutes of Oprah yesterday- anyone know more about Cookie Johnson’s line of jeans?  All I can tell is that they seem to be insanely expensive.

I love when good sportsmanship gets punished… grrr… read this about a tennis player who is in trouble for something that was, essentially, a good deed.

A fireball in Indy yesterday… very scary, causing many traffic problems that will be ongoing for some time… Fireballs shooting hundreds of feet in the air.  An overpass and surrounding area burnt to a crisp.  2 billboards caught on fire.  A cell tower on fire.  A major section of I-465 closed.  A tanker truck overturned- he was carrying liquid propane. The miracle?  No one died.  When the tanker flipped, the cab came loose and tore away from the tank that exploded.  The truck was carrying multiple tanks and only 1 exploded.  And no one died.  It was all rather surreal. Click on the pic below to read about it from one of our local TV affiliates.


I hope you have had a good week and that you enjoy the weekend ahead of you.  I also hope that my daughter gets healthy and my son can enjoy his birthday celebrations with his entire (healthy) family.  Happy Friday!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Saw those jeans too. I guess if they were THE BEST DAMN JEANS YOU WOULD EVER OWN, then $198 might not be so bad. But I best most of her viewing audience will run out and buy a pair of the less expensive LEE jeans!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Zappy! I remember that phone call so well. (which phone call? The I'm in labor call? or the obsessive calls I made to your mommy's work the next morning when I hadn't heard anything....????)

I love you, sweet boy.

Heather said...

He is so smooshy looking! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!

I loved your fragments! Thanks for including me! And I'd love to do a Wednesday thing, that'd be much easier than Thursdays for me!

PS: Is that whole 465 thing INSANE or what?! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Garret said...

Wow, that accident looks like terrorism. Of course anything horrible automatically triggers terrorism in my mind. Ugh.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Garret- I'm quite certain that anyone nearby thought it was a terrorist attack. Nearby businesses felt the heat and the shaking. Can you imagine being in a car close by when it happened? I would have cussed a lot and pissed my pants. Breaking news- the driver is 73 years old. Yikes!

won said...

That photo is unbelievable!! OMG!

Kori said...

I can't even justify spending $20 on a pair of jeans, much less 10 times that amount. Sheesh.

Happy birthday to the little guy!

And hope everyone there gets to feeling better!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy! And glad Teagan is feeling better!

Don't know about the jeans, but that's ridiculously expensive! Will they make my size 16 butt look like a size 2??

And holy fireball, Batman!

michelle said...

Happy Birthday! Darn cute baby boy
Thanks for visiting

mommytoalot said...

Awww happy belated birthday to your sweet little boy. Same day my guy turns 4.
Great Friday fragments.
Haven't seen the jeans..i've no time for daytime t.v.
Love to participate in a meme.

Maggie, dammit said...

Awwww! First of all, thank you so much for the Violence UnSilenced shout out, I really appreciate it. Happy birthday to your sweet baby!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize it was domestic violence awareness month. Thank you for letting me know.

mub said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy!

Claudya Martinez said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy and may your daughter be feeling healthy ASAP!

Holly said...

WOW! That fireball looks insane! Driving next to it would have been so scary1 :O

Samantha K said...

after Oprah mentioned Cookie Johnson jeans i tried out a pair -- they're the best jeans I've ever owned

Mrs4444 said...

I'm sure you're all healthy now, right?

WOW--That explosion is incredible! Can you imagine if you were right there?

Your kids are super cute. Happy Belated Birthday, Zachary!! :)