Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wednesday's Weekly Writings

Announcing!!! A new opportunity to participate in a writing assignment... questions to get you thinking and an opportunity to share your thoughts, opinions, experiences with the purpose of broadening other people's understanding and maybe gaining insight into your own experiences in a different way.

Topics will be posted in advance so you can start thinking about what you have to say and share. Each Wednesday, my own post will go up and I invite you to come and share a link to your own blog answering that week's question.

When sharing your Writing, keep in mind that the answer should be personal- based on your own observations, opinions, experiences. No one is seeking answers to great societal and cultural questions! Upcoming topics: Oct 28 Soulmates Nov 5 Teachable moments Nov 11 Gratitude Nov 18 Joy Nov 25 Forgiveness Dec 2 Traditions Dec 9 Happiness Dec 16 Role Models Dec 23 Christmas Stories Dec 30 Accomplishments

1 comment:

Kori said...

This is a really, really good idea; count me in!