Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coming Soon, To A Blog Near You!

I'm very excited about what's coming tomorrow... and I hope that you will come and participate!!
I've got a group of bloggers who will all be answering the same question. We each take the question and write about it from our own personal perspective. It's not a question with right or wrong answers- it's all about broadening understanding and seeing someone else's perspective.
We will have our little blog circle that will post up Thursday morning- I will have links to the other participating. And if you decide to participate, I'll have a MckLinky posted so you can share your own thoughts.
Tomorrow's question is: What does it mean to be a woman?
Don't think this is limited to being a woman... and feel free to put your own spin on it. Tomorrow, you will have several perspectives to read and then I truly hope you will join in and share your own thoughts!


Teacher Tom said...

Mine's already half written! =)

Pandora's Box said...

I'm excited!

Lori D said...

Mine's up! Well, my narrow perspective that is!