Friday, November 27, 2009

Not-Black Friday Fragments

I don't do Black Friday. But I most certainly do Friday Fragments!! Click the button to go visit Mrs4444 and the other Fragmenters- and hey, for kicks, join in the fun!!
If you were one who celebrated the holiday, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm typing this up on Weds but I"m pretty certain my Thanksgiving was a good one!
I thought getting a new office was exciting... but look at my new addition!! It's about time!! Anyone who has seen previously posted pics of my office had great fun about my old school monstrosity... and now I'm sleek and new! Whoohoo!
*** Went down and peeked through the window into our old area... demolition is in full swing. That pile of insulation? That was my office! This used to be Christy's office, a conference room, and you can see our old kitchen area- the counters are still sitting there.
I think that anytime someone starts a new job or moves into a new area in the company, someone should secretly give them a handbook of all the unspoken, unwritten rules. "Susie is a real bear until her 2nd cup of coffee kicks in. Just avoid the area within a 500 ft radius of her workspace, and you'll be fine!" "The fridge by the front door is only used by Joe, Mo, and Flo. You can put your stuff in there, but that action will result in cold shoulders and evil glares for at least 6 months!"
The other night, I got down on the floor in front of Teagan, held her hands, looked her in the eyes and said, "Teapot, I want you to know how proud I am of you! You have been making a big effort to make good choices at school and at home the past week. Because of your good choices, the yellow room has been happier, home has been happier. Thank you for being a happy Teagan and being such an important part of our happy family." She didn't know what to do with that- who would, right? She gave me a grin that I will never forget and that I hope to see often and threw herself into my arms. Best hug ever.
For Thanksgiving, I made my cranberry sauce. Our family Thanksgivings never included cranberry sauce. Once I was no longer living at home, I wanted to participate in the family meal. I opted to bring cranberry sauce to our table. My recipe is easy and super duper tasty. It is now demanded at any big family meal- and my brother, Ted, loves it so much that he asks me to make a batch just for him to take back to college! I like having a "signature" item. I'm also do some appetizers- dips, crackers. And a pie- Turtle Pumpkin Pie.
I want a new mattress. Ours is 20 years old and held together by the various toppers and thick mattress pads that we've continued to pile on to make it bearable. There is almost no structure left to the mattress OR the toppers anymore. I hate to part with a chunk of money but I think we will soon be at a point where we have no choice.
I hope you are enjoying your Friday! We are hunkered down, avoiding the crazy shoppers, hanging out in our pj's today... chillaxin'!


4 Lettre Words said...

I don't do Black Friday, either! And, we never have cranberry sauce, either. I wonder why.

Happy FF and have a great weekend!!

cat said...

Oh I love Cranberry in any form. Get a new mattress girl - we got a new one last year and it is wonderful!

Kori said...

I make the cranberry sauce, too, but mostly because I love it, and I hate the canned stuff. I usually end up being the only one eating it, which is just fine with me.

michelle said...

So cute that you call Teagan Teapot!

We broke down last year and replaced our 15 yr old mattress with a super expensive comforpedic. It's by far the most expensive thing we own. It's probably even more than the blue book value of our 10 year old cars! But jeez it makes an enormous difference on our old bones n backs. I hate expensive things, but I love the mattress.

Jason, as himself said...

Ahh, yes, the unwritten rules. Every workplace must have them.

And I love cranberry sauce, homemade, of course.

Molly said...

No black Friday for me either. I would rather have a body wax (and lord knows I dont really want to endure that). Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Mrs4444 said...

Although it took years to pay for, I am very, very happy we bought a Tempurpedic mattress. It has a lifetime guarantee and is absolutely wonderful!

My signature dish is the berry mallow yam bake. It's spreading like wildfire across the country (I have a huge family, heehee.) I'm not a fan of cranberry sauce, but I do like it when it has oranges in it.

I'm excited for you, that you'll soon have nice, new digs at work :)

Alison said...

From my bleary-eyed home to yours, hope you're having a lovely day of nesting!

April said...

I called my FF post Black Friday Fragments, but I'm not participating, either.
I desperately need a new mattress, too, but just can never get it together to save money for that. I always end up thinking of it as a luxury item.
Happy FF!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I make a cranberry mincemeat that is sooo good. My husband hates it, so since it was just the two of us for Thanksgiving this year, I decided against making it so I wouldn't eat the whole thing.

Get a new mattress. We've had ours just ten years and it's time for a change.

I hope you did have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

Kristin - The Goat

Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

So no joke, my former supervisor left me with a sealed, manilla envelop to give to her replacement when she arrives in a few weeks. I don't know what is in it, but I have been told it's the "secret stuff nobody talks about or admits to." GENIOUS!


Stacy Uncorked said...

WooHoo! I don't do Black Friday, either! :)

They sure didn't waste any time on the destruction of your old office space, did they? :)

I love the suggestion that people should secretly give a new person the handbook on those things you outlined...they gave me a chuckle! ;)

Awwww! Love what you said to Teagan and the resulting bear hug! :)

I love fresh cranberry sauce - I refuse to eat the funky jelled stuff from a can - though both hubby and Princess Nagger like it for some reason!

Does sound like it's time for a new mattress - once you get one, you'll wonder why you waited so long because your back will be thanking you! ;)

Happy FF! :)

Claudya Martinez said...

We finally broke down and got a new mattress a few months ago. So worth it.