Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mom Always Liked You Best!

Jeff went out this evening and came back with a real treat for me.

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, The Best of Season 3

My mom is responsible for my introduction to The Smothers Brothers. And I'm betting it's a big part of why I lean politically the way I do. See Mom? All your fault. I'm sure that she was really thinking that I was into the folk music (I was) and silly humor (I was). But when I learned about the show, the issues that the Brothers faced with CBS, the political statements they made and stood behind... I was a fan!

So Jeff came home with this set of the best episodes of Season 3. And we are sitting down and watching it right now. These men were simply brilliant. I want them back on the air now. I wish they'd been doing their thing the 8 years of Bush. I bet they'd have had a heyday with Clinton. They poke a real, hard finger at issues that need poking but do it with a sense of humor and light heartedness that leaves you really open to really hearing it when they nail home a point.

Anyone else a fan of The Smothers Brothers?


Shannon said...

/tongue-in-cheek on Young Lady! I would not have thought you old enough to have watched the Smothers Brothers! You must have been in your diapers! What kind of mother allows her precious young child to watch such disrespectful TV?/tongu-in-cheek off

The humor and the folk music was great! Too bad they dinna have The Kingston Trio on.

Teacher Tom said...

My Republican (moderate by today's standards) father turned me onto them, but like you, I don't think he even considered the politics. I still remember a bit they did to the song Bo Jangles that still makes me laugh out loud just thinking of it.

My wife met Tommy the last time she was in NY on business. They were at the same restaurant and, at 90+ years old, he hit on her!

michelle said...

I just recently heard the real deal on the Smothers Brothers on an NPR spot. I had no idea. I remember them as being kind of goofy and stupid. I have a whole different take on them now and a new found respect.

Wonder if I can Netflix it?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Love it! My family always watched the Smothers Brothers together. They were so great, so natural and so darn funny! Enjoy your dvds!