Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday- Wrapping Up The Week

Today is a very busy day and I apologize now for not having something truly entertaining or thought provoking or even remotely well thought out. 2 church services- I leave home at 8:45. First service is at 9:15. Second service will be over after 12:00. Jeff will bring the kids to second service. Teagan usually comes with me for both services- her choice- but today she is staying home because this afternoon, she will be out with mom. We will head out for lunch and I need to be up at The Belfry no later than 1:30. I'm taking Teagan to see Christy's show- Christmas Belles- with another friend. I won't get home until 5:00. Dinner time. And we never made it to the grocery store this weekend. No errands taken care of. Important stuff to do today but I really hate days like this. Oh- and Christy lost her voice. She's one of the main characters in the show and she has no voice. Note for Weds: topic has changed. I'll explain why in Wednesday's post! Thanksgiving is this week and I'll be making my cranberry sauce and probably a pie and some sort of pre-meal something (dip or crackers or veggies). We'll head to my mom's for the day on Thursday. Saturday we have Jeff's family's gathering- it's up in the air what I will be doing but I have offered and am prepared to do a full meal (my mother in law's health and some other things make it difficult this year). And now- I have to run. I need to be out the door in about 30 mins and I haven't yet showered. Ack! Enjoy your Sunday!


hoteltuesday said...

I have to go to my dad's on Thanksgiving and I'm bummed about it. It's such a snoozefest over there.

Hope your Sunday/Thanksgiving week goes smoothly. Hopefully Christy gets her voice back and you get to the grocery store.

Jason, as himself said...

My church services used to last three hours. Three.

I love Sundays so much more now that I don't go. Is that bad?

Karen M. Peterson said...

My church service is 3 hours. But it wasn't until this morning that I realized I am at the church for FIVE hours every Sunday. I have a meeting before and then stay for choir practice after.

Sounds like you're going to have a really busy week! Can you believe it's already time for Thanksgiving??

Amy said...

So will I run into you anywhere for Black Friday?

shrink on the couch said...

Yumm, cranberry sauce! And pie! You definately know how to make a hungry family happy.