Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Best Daddy

Sometimes, a daddy does something very small that seems so very big.  I think that even Jeff may not understand how great of a dad he is.

He often has patience when I do not.  He often has calm when my temper flares.  He often sees logic where I see chaos.  He provides for us.  He keeps us safe and secure.

He is the best daddy.

He came through for his daughter for Colts Day last week.  Funny side bar on that one... Ms. Lori shared a group photo from Colts Day... see if you can spot Teagan in it...

colts day 002

He is the best daddy.

Thursday night, Jeff proved, once again, that he is more than a solid husband and father.  He proved that he is the best daddy.  I was at music team.  It had been moving day at work and I rushed from work to our side of town.  Jeff and the kids and Christy and I met up to have dinner together.  We ate, played, hugged, talked about Teagan’s fantastic day as Ms. Lori’s helper.

I went to church and Jeff took the kids home for bedtime. 

I had left home at 7, didn’t get home until 9 after music team and stopping to buy diapers.   The children were nestled, all snug in their beds… oh wait… wrong story.  But you get the idea.  He managed bedtime and bathtime and so on all by himself- because he’s their dad, not because he was doing something special.

The next day, I notice that Teagan’s fingernails are painted.  I ask if a teacher at school did that for her?  Nope- Daddy did it!

With no prompting, no suggesting, no hinting… heck, it wasn’t an idea in my head at all.  My husband said yes to his daughter.  He took the tiny bottle and brush and delicately painted each of her tiny little fingernails. 

He is the best daddy. 

Today, he is taking his daughter to the movies because she earned it as part of her reward for her 10 days of good choices at school.  A special date- movies are “their thing.” 

He is the best daddy.


Garret said...

That's a sweet Daddy story! I love the photo that Teagan sticks out in.

Alison said...

Nothing warms the heart more than a Daddy who loves his daughter just because she's his daugher...and doesn't hesitate to let her know.

Oh, and, bonus Wife points to you for stopping to notice and thank Jeff for the little things!

bttrflybabydoll said...

Awww...He painted her nails! So sweet! What a good daddy!

Teacher Tom said...

"There could never be a father
Loves his daughter
More than I love you."

--Paul Simon

Amy said...

Awww. Think you should print and frame this post as a gift to him for Christmas. Or just because.

Mrs4444 said...

She's a lucky girl, and you're a lucky mom. I'm happy for all of you :)

shrink on the couch said...

The world would be a much better place if all daddy's were this devoted! WTG, Jeff.