Monday, November 30, 2009


It’s the faces at holidays that are the important memories.

Thursday we traveled to Cincinnati. Jeff’s closest friend, Brian (Uncle Briney), came along- as is tradition. I didn’t take enough pictures. I was busy most of the day- helping in the kitchen, chasing kids, visiting with family.

Friday I prepared my home for our Christmas tree. I cleaned the living room. I moved furniture. I cleaned the kitchen. Took the kids to see Christmas lights around town.

Saturday we enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal with Jeff’s family- his parents, his sister and her kids.

Sunday was church and singing with music team for 2 services. Jeff wanted his own Thanksgiving feast- so I bought a turkey breast on Saturday and made him his meal. I did the turkey in the crock pot- 1 stick of butter and some onion soup mix. Very yummy! He also asked for corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, and stove top. I threw in some rolls for Teagan and Zach. Then we dragged out the tree and ornaments and decorations (more on that tomorrow). Got the kids into their pj’s and went out to see lights again!

When I went and uploaded my pics, I realized that I took a lot more faces this year. I took far fewer pics than I normally do- my camera just kept getting away from me. But it was the faces that stole the show this year!

Jeff’s sister’s kids… 8 years old… beautiful faces! Corbin and his sister, Jillian.tgiv10 tgiv8

Zach, showing off his jumping skills.tgiv5

Teagan and Zach, having stolen a moment to pet the cat at Mimi and PopPop’s.tgiv3

My mom. I love this picture. This captures the real her. Sometimes, this side easily gets lost in the hustle and bustle. She’s my mom, she’s a grandma to my kids, and she has a son in college and a son in high school. So these big, full of life smiles can sometimes get a little lost… but boy do they radiate joy and light up the room!!tgiv1

What faces were part of your celebrations?


Shannon said...

These are beautiful pictures you've taken, Liz. You got everyone in great moments and they all show the love and life they have. Up to yhis year I was the one taking pictures and I have a question for you. Who takes pictures of you? 30 years of family events and holidays, no one can find more than a dozen pics of me. You'd almost never know I was there. You need to make sure you get included in the family pics too.

Again, your pics are marvelous and the love shows.

Carolee Hollenback said...

Let's see, on Thanksgiving we had me, my two sons & Ron's 3 sons.

It was pretty special as Ron's 3 sons have never been together for a holiday. The oldest lived in Vermont and they didn't see each other much.

The two youngest really don't get along- we have had some pretty hair-raising fights when they were teens. On Thanksgiving, they actually sat together on the couch & talked now & then!

My daughter went to her Aunt & Uncles on Dad's side.

Saturday, my daughter & I went to see my mom & uncle in PA- about 3 hours away. Left without a plan- sometimes we come back the same day, some times we stay a day or two. My sister, and two of her grandchildren as well as my mom and uncle were there. We stayed the night.

It was fun as we went to an event at the town's museum. Very cool and there was yummy food!

Sunday, while my daughter was at church with my mom, I went Christmas shopping.

That's my story (literally) and I'm sticking to it!

Garret said...

I too am rarely in my own photos. I hate having to ask to be included and wish my other half would just take the initiative to photograph me. :-(

Garret said...

OH! And Liz, as usual your photos are absolutely awesome! I love the Teagan and Zach photo. There's something about how it was taken.