Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving Feast

Teagan’s preschool hosted a Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday. The kids did the cooking- vegetable stew, cornbread, pumpkin pie, lemonade. Parents came and enjoyed lunch with their kids. Some grandparents were there. The kids had made placemats, centerpieces, and turkey hats. We were greeted with a little poem the kids all recited about turkeys- I hardly caught the words because I was just so excited that Teagan was actually saying the words and smiling.

We got our food and sat down at the tiny little table in the tiny little chairs. We ate our stew- potatoes, carrots, celery, tomato, corn. We ate our cornbread. We had a slice of pie. We talked to Teagan about what she had done to help prepare the meal- she cut up veggies (carrots and celery, she reported).

She didn’t want to eat the veggies, only the cornbread. I found it quite humorous that she didn’t like my answer to her request for more cornbread- that she needed to eat some of the veggies she had prepared first. Just a couple of bites. So she announced that she was going to ask Ms. Lynna. And she got the same answer from Ms. Lynna! She settled for handing out pumpkin pie… even attempted to have a parent sneak her a piece. Ha! She was quite cunning!

It was a most adorable lunch break. I have lovely souvenirs that we will treasure forever. Memories we will cherish. I just love this school!!

The crafts- a turkey hat, a turkey centerpiece, a handprint turkey placemat.


The placemat had a lovely poem, a lovely handprint, my girl’s lovely handwriting.


My beautiful girl, wearing her lovely turkey hat, enjoying her cornbread.


And I couldn’t help myself- when I got back to work, I just had to try on that turkey hat for myself. Whatdya think?? Is it just so me??


For my US readers, I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend and that you realize the many blessings that surround you, even on your lowest day. For my non-US readers, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wish you many moments of gratitude!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Garret said...

Liz, you putting on the hat was the best!

MOM #1 said...

I love the souvenirs, they're so great. You look lovely in your Thanksgiving Day hat. All set to watch the parade, I'm sure.

Happy Thanksgiving. Have a fantastic day.

yodaobi said...

I'm not in the least bit American but I decided to have a kind of thanksgiving this Sunday (maybe inspired by the gratidudes)
I'm cooking an Organic Turkey and making Pumpkin pie from scratch for My and my husbands parents.
I wanted to say thanks for all the amazing things they've done this year. PLUS I LOVE Turkey and Pumpkin pie.

Claudya Martinez said...

You look lovely with a turkey on your head! Perhaps you should consider wearing more animal themed toppers.