Monday, November 23, 2009

The Move

My new office- ta da!!
The details on that window... unfortunately, the guy in that office tends to keep the little blinds by the door mostly closed so I'm not getting much of his light. But I'm still closer to a window! I went down and took a peek at my old office... before they gut that end of the building...
When I first started with my company, this section of offices was completely different than it is now. I've gotten used to seeing my work area being changed and adjusted. When I started here almost 10 years ago, that office by that file cabinet was an open cubicle- it was mine. The next door was a high walled cubicle. The next office was one large office- meaning the door closest wasn't a door!
After my first promotion, I moved to this cubicle. This is where I sat for 3 years. This is where I started to prove myself, make my mark, etc.
So here I am. New space, new end of the building, new traffic patterns, new sounds, new people. New personalities to adjust to, watch out for, embrace. It's like an old job in a new culture, new neighborhood. I'm surrounded by "my people" as well as by people I've known but not worked close by.
After a decade, change and growth and expansion is good. I've expected to be a bit sentimental about losing our end of the building. But I'm really just excited about the new space, the fresh start, the new challenges. Glad to have my job, glad to be part of a company that is growing, glad we are owned by a company that does more for its employees than a lot of other companies.


Garret said...

The umbrella in the corner of your old office is funny. Is there a story to it or something?

Eternal Lizdom said...

No story... I inherited it at some point in my time here... and felt no need to bring along that giant thing to my new space since it wasn't even my umbrella to start with. When I went down to check on the space... it had been moved from the behind the door corner to that far corner... reminded me of Miracle on 34th St!