Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fragments- The Moving Edition

It's FRIDAY! Wahoo!! It's been a loooong week for me so I am especially glad for this Friday to finally be here! And what better way to end a long week than by getting this jumble of random thoughts out of my head with Mrs4444's Friday Fragments? Wanna play along? Click the logo above!
Teagan earned her 10 stickers this week and got to be Ms Lori's special office helper. It was a great day! Unfortunately, her phone call to me happened right in the middle of my office furniture being moved so I didn't have my phone on me. But I did call back and one of her teachers, Ms Tori, went and got her so I could talk to her. I heard Tori take the phone off of hold, hand the phone to Teagan and tell her to "go ahead," and then I hear Teagan... "Thank you for calling Little Explorers! This is Teagan!" It was ADORABLE. She also sharpened pencils, drew a picture, answered the phone/intercom, got to lead a fire drill, and sent e-mails to me and Jeff (dictated to Ms Lori). (Ms. "Melay" is the sub who is covering for Ms. Mindi's maternity leave. Her name is Lynna (rhymes with Renee) and the kids all have a hard time getting the sounds right!) Here's mine:
Hi Mommy,
I did it with Ms. Lori. I "sharptened" pencils for Ms. "Melay". I'm having a good day. I answered the phone. Ms. Sally called. I think that's it.
I will see you in the afternoon. I love you.
teagan (typed all by herself!)
this letter was typed by Ms. Lori, as dictated by Teagan!
Here's Jeff's:
I "sharped" pencils for Ms. "Melay". I helped Ms. Lori in the office. I answered the phone when Ms. Sally called. I sent Mommy a letter, too.
I get to watch a movie today. If there's not any good ones, I know we're not going. I hope we're going.
I think that's it. I love you and I'll see you in the afternoon.
teagan (typed by herself!)
typed by Ms. Lori as dictated by Teagan!
This week has both been a blur and crawled by. It's so weird when that happens.
I'm currently testing a Verizon Droid. I really, really like it. I'd be scared to own one because I'm certain I'd go over my "unlimited" data limits. But it does everything and I'm really impressed with it. It offers me a lot of convenience and fun and music and podcasts and maps and... but it's being returned on Monday. *sniff, sniff*
The new office space offers a whole new batch of personalities to get used to. I feel like I'm on Survivor and our tribes just merged... I wonder what color our buffs will be?
Busy times ahead... Teagan earned a movie outing this weekend, I'm taking her to see Christy's play this weekend, Tuesday is a Thanksgiving Feast at Teagan's school that the kids are preparing for the parents, I've got cooking to plan for multiple Thanksgivings coming up, we have a trip to Chicago in 2 weekends... lots going on.
With all that busy-ness, I'm glad that Teagan opted out of dance class. Because it would be really challenging to be squeezing a dance class commitment into all of this!
I've missed so much work time this week because of the move... I was without phone and computer for a good chunk of the day yesterday and even when I had it back, I was unpacking and organizing so I couldn't really get online or take calls. So I'd better skedaddle and get back to work!!


Garret said...

Little Explorers is awesome! If I had kids, and you weren't available to raise them, I'd pick that preschool. Really cool stuff!

Garret said...

Oh, and why is the Droid name leased from Lucas Arts? What resemblance does it have to Star Wars?

Eternal Lizdom said...

We are soooo happy with our school. Couldn't ask for anything better or different!

I assume the Droid name is leased because of the droids in the films- R2D2 and C3PO and such. Maybe he snagged rights to it back when the movies first came out? "These are not the droids you're looking for..."

Garret said...

I know where the names came from but fail to see why droid, short for android, would be such a highly protected name. Any why didn't the cell phone maker use a different name instead of paying rights to use that name especially when the phone name doesn't use anything from the Star Wars name. I could see if the phone came loaded with tons of Star Wars apps and ring tones. Nothing?

Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

Your daughter's notes are so cute! I have one of those last names that's hard to pronounce, and people are always misspelling it and miswriting it... I wonder how kids will say it? Hmmm...


Karen M. Peterson said...

Sounds like a busy week!

Those emails from Teagan were TOO cute!

Joanie said...

I bet Miss Teagan felt very grown up, working in the office!

A fellow at work just bought a Droid. A mere 3 months ago, he bought a Blackberry Tour and as soon as the Droids came out he got one.
So I am now the proud owner of a gently used Blackberry Tour! Now I can get into MORE trouble at work for using my phone because now I have internet and facebook!

Alison said...

Wow, I just finished writing a post about how crazy busy I am...but now I'm having second thoughts!

It's amazing how behind you can get at work with just an hour and a half meeting; making up entire days will be a challenge.

We're getting a new phone system in our office, and had training sessions of OVER AN HOUR to learn about all the buttons and the voicemail. Are we really such a nation of idiots? Anyway, just that hour is gonna be hard to make up for.

Oh, and reading your laudatory comments about Teagan's school made me smile, remembering your stress about picking the right place. See, I TOLD you you'd pick the right one! (Didn't I? I'm sure I least, I meant to...)

Stacy Uncorked said...

That's so cool Teagan earned her 10 stickers and got to be Ms Lori's special office helper - I bet she had so much fun! Her notes to you and your hubby are priceless!

I reaaaaaalllllly want to get the Droid...but I'm holding out to see if it's 'all that'... So far it does sound like it is! ;)

Holy moly you've had a busy week! Add to that an office move and you're probably exhausted!

Happy FF! :)

Claudya Martinez said...

My goodness Teagan was a big girl.

Kristin - The Goat said...

what fun for your little one! The emails were cute. I hope you have a great time in Chicago, I haven't been there in years. The restaurants! Ooooh, I'm in love lol