Friday, November 6, 2009

Fragments 11.06

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What a week it's been! If you read down the page for this past week, you'll see that I had a mini breakdown over the weekend over my daughter's lack of happiness, we celebrated Halloween, I worked through my mommy stress, thanked the people in my life who helped me through it, got an award, wrote about a teachable moment that had a major impact on my life, and shared some thoughts on Christmas gift giving. Whew! And the stuff I didn't share? Well- that's what fragments are for!
Tuesday was an INSANELY busy day for me. The day started at 7:30 with a meeting at Teagan's school. Got to work by 8:30. Conference call at 9:45 that went until 10. Conf call at 10:30 that went until 11. Last minute department meeting from 11:10-11:30. Business lunch with my boss and a supplier until 12:45. Conference call at 1, another at 2, and another at 3. Had to leave work at 3:15 for Zach's 2 year well baby doctor visit. From there, we went to pick up Teagan from school and then it was home for dinner. I couldn't catch my breath! Whew!
That meeting at Teagan's school? It was about Teagan and her issues in getting along with this one other girl. The other girl and her mom came to meet us, too. We all came up with a big plan- daily reward system, sticker chart, earning a big reward after 10 stickers, etc. Teagan was great during the meeting. She even talked about how she feels tired when she is having a hard day. Both girls earned their stickers on day one. Teagan did not earn her sticker on day two. Teagan did not earn her sticker today. Everything was set up, she saw how it worked, and now she is testing to see what the limits and expectations really are. Wednesday was a horrid evening. We don't punish for things that happen at school- but the meltdown started when she realized she wasn't getting her daily reward (Halloween candy in the car). And it continued downhill from there and never fully recovered. Thursday morning was rough. But then...
I expected Thursday evening to be hard. She didn't get her sticker. She did get a lot of praise for handling a really hard situation exceptionally well (she got spit on and instead of retaliating, she went to a teacher). But she didn't get the sticker because she took all the praise, didn't let go of her anger, and took it out on a very innocent child in her class. She was apparently very cruel. It breaks my heart to think that my child can be so purposefully cruel. She was in a fine mood on her way home. I greeted her at the door with smiles and a hug. I praised her for how she handled the spitting situation. I asked about being angry and hurting the other child. She loved the praise and she handled the discussion about her anger really well. Dinner went well, bath time went well, bedtime went well (especially considering I handled the last 2 on my own since Jeff was busy talking to the mortgage company). And Jeff and I both praised her and thanked her for being so pleasant and being such an important part of our family being a happy family this evening.
I'm fighting a bug and I'm pretty sure it's winning.
I love my husband. Very much.
Now that dance class is on hiatus, I am eager to use that Saturday morning time for some of the fun things we used to do. I really miss going to the Children's Museum. It's been long enough that everything will basically be new to both kids now.
I am part of a local mom's discussion board. There was a discussion posted yesterday about "Who are your mom role models on this site?" I was really flattered to have a few moms list me as a role model! And the part that made me giggle? Each said that I seem to really "have it together." I'm calm and collected and I have a good angle on parenting and discipline. Man was that a great pick up! I don't have it all together and I don't try to act like I do. I'm very honest about how life goes around here- all my readers can vouch for that after my post during one of Teagan's meltdowns last week. I just take it one day at a time, one challenge at a time.
If you haven't already, would you mind clicking the link in the top right box on this page and dropping me a vote? If you already have- thank you! I'm hoping to secure a spot on Indiana's Top 50 Blogs. Voting closes in just a few days! Spread the word- no registration, just 2 clicks. I get nothing except my name on a list. I just think it'd be cool to be able to say that I'm one of Indiana's Top Bloggers!
Enjoy your weekend! Happy Friday!


4 Lettre Words said...

Sorry that your daughter is having a rough time at school. Love the name Teagan, tho!

Hope you fight off the bug and have a great weekend!

mimbles said...

There's an award waiting for you over at my place :-)

Cat said...

Sorry Teagan is having a tough time. Hopefully it's a stage, but I know it's hard to deal with in the moment. It sounds like you're doing a great job and being very reasonable with her!

Your Tuesday sounds impossible... but you've made it to Friday! Hooray!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I think you are doing the best possible thing for your daughter. Congrats on being able to go in and talk to the parents of the other child. I'd think that would be very hard as well.

I can't imagine having a work day like you had - and I'm sure that wasn't too unusual for you.

It's great that you added in that you love your husband :)

Kristin - The Goat

Smellyann said...

It does sound like you are doing the best job possible with Teagan. I'm sorry she - and you - are having a rough time lately.

Love to hear that you love your husband!! :D

Garret said...

I've voted! Where's my sticker?

Kori said...

Just sending up thoughts for a peaceful weekend for all of you. Happy Friday!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm glad things are getting better with Teagan. Hope the sticker chart works!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hope things work out for your daughter. It sounds like you have a good system in place to help her along.

I voted!


rosaengler ♥ said...

wow what a nice heading you have.. ❥

Mrs4444 said...

I voted. And I'd vote for you in a heartbeat for "great mentor mom." The best thing about your parenting is that you are aware and always striving to be the best for your kids. That's inspiring.

Poor Teagan. I can only imagine the hellion I would become if someone spit on me! That kid was lucky to make it off the playground/classroom alive!

Claudya Martinez said...

The situation with Teagan certainly sounds challenging. I think we need to come up with a reward system for you too. You deserve it.