Thursday, February 25, 2010

Because It Isn't Near Over

It isn't a hot topic on the news these days. If you want information, you have to dig around a bit. There are some big stories that will pop up- missionaries detained for allegedly kidnapping children, for example. But the real stories are so much harder to find. Unless you read blogs! I've still got that list of blogs over in my sidebar- missionary groups and people who are in Haiti, connected to Haiti, families who have gone and are going through adoption processes. Some of the blogs are still all about Haiti. Some are "mommy blogs" that have given very personal accounts of orphans and parents stranded in Haiti and the joyous homecoming and the transition back to normal family routines. Some are blogs from medical people working in Haiti- the people they help, the struggles they face. Some are passionate accounts of what they are seeing and hearing and experiencing. Not every blog is all about Haiti. Not every blog is current- I imagine life is pretty busy for a lot of these folks. There are still some journalists who are reporting on lives impacted by Haiti, by things happening in Haiti. The news coverage is fading. But the rainy season is coming in Haiti. So much still needs to be done. I know that I am powerless here in my snowy, safe, heated, comfortable home in Indiana. But I do believe in the power of prayer. And I do believe in the importance of sharing information, of storytelling, of spreading the word. So if you have some time... click over and visit those blogs. Even if the blog is current, leave a comment to let them know that you stopped by, that you appreciate the work they have done and are doing. If you read a good news story- something that catches your eye, stays in your heart- share it with others. Tweet it, post it on Facebook, give a link on your blog. I'd love to hear what you are passionate about these days. What is staying with you? What are you carrying in your heart and mind lately? What is a subject you want others to be in touch with? Photobucket


michelle said...

my hippie flags are still sending prayers up for Haiti

trying to tell myself it's enough

it doesn't feel like enough

Unknown said...

I think this post was perfect. Soon we will forget and I think that it is important that we never do. We must continue to help and care. It will take so long for Haiti to come back to normal. And how good was their normal?

Alison said...

The Charlotte Observer had at least 2 front-page stories this past week about local doctors serving in Haiti. I was thinking of emailing them to thank them for keeping the coverage current. I bet they got some emails from people complaining about too MUCH coverage of an "old" story.

I did keep a promise to myself to go back and donate again a week or so ago. It's hard to keep emotionally invested so long; reminders like yours are good!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Such a great post, Liz. It makes me sad that Haiti is slipping from our collective minds these days and this is a good reminder that there is still so much that needs to be done.

I'm hoping sometime early next year I can go down and help in rebuilding.

Mrs4444 said...

Great post. And now, we can add Chili to the list of places needing attention, unfortunately.