Friday, February 12, 2010

Facing Feel Good Friday Fragments

A Peek at Karen's World

Alrighty... I've been a Friday Fragmenter for a bit now. And I've seen a couple of other Friday memes that I've been wanting to participate in. So I'm throwing them all into one big Friday Fondue!
Feel Good Fragment
Teagan's school's Valentine's celebrations are today. She's been very excited and I have just LOVED watching her sit and fill out her cards. She writes her name on each card and she writes the name of her friend or teacher. She's been very careful and so very focused.

Face It Friday Fragment

Face It Fridays, over at A Peek At Karen's World (click the button above), is all about a weekly check in to see how you are doing with goals or resolutions set for 2010. Now, I didn't really do resolutions or set goals- just ain't my thang. But I have recently been recommitting myself to getting fit. Making physical activity part of my routine.
This week was tough because of Zach's procedure on Tuesday. But I did manage to get a little extra activity in. I went to Boot Camp on Thursday. I shoveled snow on Wednesday. During a conference call, I had my door shut and was alone so I stood up and marched, lunged, squatted for about 10 minutes. I marched in place at Music Team at church. I'm just trying to move more.
Friday Fragment
I've got a giveaway going on. It's for folks in the Indianapolis area. It's for anyone who is the parent of or is somehow connected to a tween age girl (8-14 years old). Please go check it out. I would go myself but Teagan isn't old enough just yet. But Girl World Tour 2013 or 2014... I'll be all over it!!
Feel Good Fragment
Yesterday was "Tell Her She's Beautiful" Day... or something like that. I have no clue if it was something official or not. But a young lady friend of mine from church invited me to the event via Facebook. So yesterday, I posted this pic on Facebook and tagged 50 women from my friend list (would have tagged a lot more but FB limits you to 50). The reaction was remarkably favorable!! It seemed to really be meaningful and to really brighten spirits and make the day better for some of my friends. Makes me wonder how life would be if we took time to affirm each other more often.

Final Friday Fragments

I am so excited about this new season of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. Did you watch it last night? I love it!! I have to admit to rooting for the Heroes, overall. I have a couple of players I like on the Villains side but most of my faves - like Indy's own Rupert- are on the Heroes side.


In case you missed it... I've got a fan page on Facebook! I use Facebook throughout the day and love to stay connected. So I'd love it if you'd click on the link over in the sidebar and become a fan if you are a Facebook user! And if you have your own Facebook Fan Page for your blog, add me to your "Favorite Pages," drop me a wall comment, and I'll add you to mine!


Happy Friday!! I'd love to hear about your plans for the weekend... ours is wide open at this point (which is a great feeling)!



I felt so good about my "You Are Beautiful" picture on Facebook yesterday that I did a new affirmation today!


Also, a Final Funny Fragment... last week, I shared the "coffee semi." This week... an important lesson. This semi is NOT edible. However, the next one you pass probably is so feel free to bite off a chunk for dinner.

AND ONE MORE! Don't overlook THIS POST by my blog friend Momza. It's wonderful. We should all be writing these letters to ourselves.


Unknown said...

First, Teagan is beautiful! I love the picture of her. I love how the kiddos take such care to make cards for their friends and family.

I know you've had a pretty big week with Zach. I'm thankful you have the answer now and could get it taken care of for him, with a hate popsicle to boot! :-)

No big plans for us. Valentine's Day is pretty low key, the girls and I make a heart cake and we have a small family dinner.

Momza said...

I am alwasy in awe of the woderful ginormous size of your heart.
You seem to be able to remember so many ways throughout your day to express love and compassion for others.
Your little love notes are precious!

Shell said...

Love how you threw them all in there!

You are beautiful! :)

I was SO excited watching Survivor last night.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Yay! Thanks for playing!

Sounds like it's been a pretty good week for you. I think those affirmations are awesome!

I have to know, what camera do you have? Because your photos of the kids are always so beautiful.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Some of my pics come from my camera phone- Verizon's EnV Touch. And my "good" pics come from my Nikon D40 (dslr). I luuuurv it!!

Anonymous said...

You daughter is just so CUTE doing her cards!!!

And where in the world do you live to see those awesome semi trucks??? That was funny...
and the Facebook photos are really sweet.

Thank you for participating in FGF!!!

Have a great weekend :-)

Claudya Martinez said...

I think you should call all your Friday posts Friday Fondue. I love the affirmations you sent. Very sweet and thoughtful way to spread some love.

Katherine said...

Your daughter is so cute writing her cards. My son tried to be careful but we still had several cards that were "do overs." I am also excited for the new season of survivor. Although it's on my DVR and I haven't watched it yet.

Mrs4444 said...

You're absolutely right; her letter to herself was awesome. She seems like a wonderful person. Thanks for the link.

Love the positive affirmations idea; we all need them, certainly.

The pic of Teagan working hard on her valentines...very sweet.

Hope you're having a nice weekend.

Prairiemaid said...

You have a beautiful little girl and she is working so hard! Love your facebook affirmations! I am sure you made some people very happy.

Have a great week.