Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fragments 2.5.10

Mrs4444. You know her, you love her. Go visit her blog- click the button above. Go fragment and add your link. Go visit other fraggers. Do it. It'll make you cool. ****** I enjoy a good cup of coffee every morning. Some mornings, I really want and need and look forward to that cup of coffee. Driving home the other day, I saw a sight that I found a bit unbelievable. Does anyone really need THIS MUCH coffee?? ****** I am now a blogger for Fit City Indy! There's a link to the site in my sidebar. I'll be blogging monthly. My bloggy buddy Amy @ The Fourth Frog recommended me- she's also one of their mom bloggers. I hope you'll check it out. My introduction post just went up! Pop over and leave some nice comments for me, ok? ****** We went to the library last weekend. I'm a little embarassed to admit that it's been a looooong time since we'd been. We used to go every other week. Back in the children's area, there is a little play corner- a couple of "comfy" chairs and loveseats (they aren't comfy at all but they aren't just hard wood or anything) and a lego table, foam blocks, and some bead thingees. My kids totally had a blast with the lego table this time. Couldn't tear them away... and check out the pic. I just sat back and let them play while I glanced over the books they had picked out. I look over at them and had to snap this pic. Do you see what they are doing? Sorting the legos into the colors on the table! I was so impressed! ****** I'm quite honored to have had a blog entry of mine selected and shared on another website. A comment was left on my post- On Death and Dying. Liz, this blog entry is included in the February 2010 edition of Palliative Care Grand Rounds, hosted this month by the Alive Hospice Blog. PCGR is a monthly round-up of compelling blog entries about hospice and palliative care and grief matters.
I am really touched by this. I hope my words could possibly reach out and touch someone who is in a different place than I am... I hope you'll go check out the Palliative Care Grand Rounds at Alive Hospice.
I'm good at asking for help. I struggle to find it when it involves work before the crack of dawn. We were trying to figure out the logistics of our upcoming Tuesday- Zach's surgery. We have to leave home at 5:30 a.m. to be at the hospital by 6, surgery is at 7. We are normally getting Teagan to school by 7-7:30. Ruh-roh. My mom can't. Christy can but it's tech week of the show she's stage managing so she'd get to our house late Monday night and getting up and going would be a challenge (anyone who has gone through tech week knows what I mean). Jeff's dad is having surgery on Monday... so we hesitated asking his folks for help. But it came down to really having to, you know? Our plan right now is to have Teagan spend the night there Monday night and Mimi will take her to school Tuesday morning. I just hate asking since Pop-pop will be in the hospital, having just had surgery the day before... and she has so much on her plate already (personal stuff on her end).
Anyone looking for something to do really early on Tuesday morning?
We've been family dining most of the week. Sunday evening we had a movie night so we did eat in the living room. Thursday we ate at Subway because I had music team practice at church and, logistically, it just worked out better to meet at Subway. We are struggling a bit with getting Zach adjusted to this idea of sitting at the table and eating- he wants to get up and play and climb under the table. But we are having a great time with Teagan. I love getting details about her day and love it even more when she asks about my day at work. Thank you to my wonderful hubby for getting that task done!
I'd love to hear what you are doing this weekend!! Grown ups have a busy Saturday but we've got it covered. Some friends and I are supporting another friend by singing with him at a memorial service for his ex. Very sad situation all the way around- but I am glad I can do something to support my friend. Jeff has a Dungeon meeting on Saturday- and he will miss part of it so I can go to this memorial service and lunch. But I know he's looking forward to seeing those guys and start talking Dungeon for this year's GenCon. Other than that, it's housework, errands, church on Sunday... no big fun plans this time around!


mimbles said...

Our only plans so far for the weekend are to pick up a tank stand for the fish tank we bought for Adam's mum for Christmas and then set up the tank for her, and to spend some time with my Dad at some point.

It's nice to not have every minute scheduled for a change!

Congrats on the blogging gig at Fit City Indy and on the Palliative Care carnival link :-)

I hope the logistics for Tuesday work out ok and that all goes well for Zach, I'll be thinking of you all.

Mellodee said...

If I lived several hundred miles closer, I'd volunteer for Tuesday morning. Isn't it odd how things can all happen at the same time? I'm sure you'll work it out.

Hope all goes well!

Momza said...

I was just wondering about your boy...will be thinking about him next week. And you.
The weekend? Well I have a nasty cold, so I'm thinking just hanging out at the house and having the kids wait on me--or a cabana boy named Raul.

Amy said...

Welcome to the Fit City blog. I really enjoy writing for them.

Good luck to Zach on Tuesday. Wish I lived closer to help with Teagan.

Sounds like your Saturday is chalk-full. Ours is blessedly empty!

julie f said...

We are excited about our weekend. Our middle daughter goes to school in Wisconsin and we miss her! Her tennis team is playing in Indy this weekend so we are being tennis groupies and following her to IUPUI, Ball State and Ft. Wayne. One of her middle school friends is coming home from IU to ride up with us to Muncie...Kel will be so excited and surprised. The tennis team will be hanging here this afternoon, when they get into town so I am off to find some food for them and clean up the house a bit.

Keep up with the dinner routine. We have been doing it for over 20 years and the conversations will just keep getting better. It also made our kids great when out in public, dining or whatever.

Eternal Lizdom said...

@julie I hope the weather doesn't interfere with your weekend plans!! They were totally wrong about the overnight snow we were supposed to wake up to so I hope they will be wrong about what's coming next, too!

@Amy I thought of you when I got dressed this a.m.- trying to find something red to add to my blue for National Wear Red Day (women's heart health). All I could find was a pendant with some rubies in it- but it's a heart, too!

@Momza I hope you feel better very soon! Bad colds are the worst. Any chance you use a neti pot? I swear by mine!

@Mellodee If you lived closer, I'm betting you'd be a really cool part of my kids' lives. I bet you'd be good friends with Christy- she'd get you hooked back into theatre!

@mim Thanks on the congrats. I'm excited about both! Good luck with the fish stand- hope you find exactly what you are looking for!

Garret said...

Wow, like you're every where like a loose woman or maybe God. Not sure yet. :-) I got the other 2 websites open in my browser along with 5 other blogs to read for today. I'll be sure to take a look.

The coffee truck - excellent! Funny!

The colored Legos ... early signs of OCD. :-)

Caution/Lisa said...

Congrats on your new blogging gig!!

Our week-end involves three more performances of a musical our son is in, a high school dance for our daughter, a hockey game for another son, and a Sunday school lesson I regrettably got myself obligated to teach. However, it also involves Tim Hortons and maybe some pizza, too, so all is well!

Alison said...

"OCD" was my first thought about the Legos, too. Bet I know where they get that from... ;)

My weekend will be circumscribed by rain. But Sunday Miss Chef is volunteering at a restaurant thingy in the morning, and then we're supposed to do something with a friend for the friend's birthday.

Plus, you know, there's that Superbowl thing going on. Might try to catch a few commercials.

Eternal Lizdom said...

@garret I actually thought of you when I came upon that coffee truck. Just knew you'd enjoy the laugh!

@flag Your weekend sounds so busy!!! Break a leg to your son! As a former community theatre junkie... I have to ask... what musical?

@flartus I will pay half attention to the game this year- simply because my hometown team is play (Go Colts!). But I am looking forward to the commercials! Actually, I'm betting the color sorting thing totally comes from my husband. While he is a packrat... he has more OCD tendencies than I do. My poor kids... LOL!

Karen M. Peterson said...

If I were anywhere nearby, I'd TOTALLY help you on Tuesday. I hope everything goes well!

And congrats on having a blog post selected and featured! That's so awesome!

My weekend is going to be busy, but really fun. Tonight we're having some friends over for game night. Tomorrow I have a bunch of errands to do and then going out with some friends (who are setting me up with this guy that seems really cool) and then on Sunday, I'm meeting some blog friends in real life. I'm SO excited!

Dumb Mom said...

This weekend I will be doing nothing. Except for sitting in my house while Snowmageddon rages on outside. Boo blizzards with 2 feet of snow. I hate you stupid old snowy mess heads. That's what #2 had to say about the weather. I feel exactly the same way and will be drinking hot chocolate and dreaming of spring.

Nancy C said...

I too, will be trapped inside (again) while the snow pounds down. I'll be praying for your little guy.

I think that Lego table would suit me right now...everything in a clean place.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome that your writing got chosen. Really awesome!

You write a great blog, I am following you now.

Tracie said...

Congrats on your writing gig and your feature!

We aren't planning on doing anything exciting this weekend. We might go see Tooth Fairy if the snow isn't too bad.

Claudya Martinez said...

Is that truck really full of coffee?

I'm off to check out your introductory post!

Crystal Hammon, ABC, MLS said...

I laughed about your Lego table at the a children's librarian, at least once every hour, there's a family who has to drag some toddler out kicking and screaming because they don't want to leave the library. We flatter ourselves into believing that it's because of how wonderful we are, but in truth, it's probably all the toys we have stashed everywhere! Loved your post.You probably know one of my friends, Jennifer, who also blogs for Fit City.

Mrs4444 said...

You've been so busy!! Again, glad to see the surgery went well. I'm really happy for you, too, that your post was featured on that site; there are some wonderful posts there. Enjoy the rest of your week :)