Monday, February 15, 2010

Input, Please

I'm starting to get e-mails from companies that want me to do giveaways or have me do product reviews. Some I go and check out and decide against. Some I agree to because it's so relevent to my life, my topics, my blog (like the giveaway last week). I'm not inundated or anything. But I've noticed an uptick in frequency. I write for me. But when it comes to giveaways- that's where you benefit! So what do you think? Giveaways are good? What about product reviews? Does it bear any weight if I have good things to say? Do you have any thoughts on the companies who work with bloggers to promote events or products or brands? Photobucket


Anonymous said...

If it is something I would buy, I take a peek, but usually I just click right past them.

Unknown said...

Giveaways are fun ~ especially if you've already checked 'em out. If you have time, great! I'll keep reading no matter if you bribe me with goodies or not.

Teacher Tom said...

You, I would trust because I've been a reader for awhile. On the other hand, when I come across a new blog with lots of giveaways and product reviews, I have a tendency to skip them because I'm not interested in reading commercials.

I think it's a doubled-edged sword for bloggers. Your regulars won't mind (and, in fact, might like it) but it risks turning off potential new readers. Probably, your best bet would be to just be super selective . . . And continue to be honest!

Just my 2 cents since you asked. =)

noexcuses said...

I totally agree with Teacher Tom. I think if you are selective and believe in the product, then, yes, go for it!

Jason, as himself said...

I say that it is really an individual thing. If you like the idea and you want to do it---go for it. I don't see anything wrong with it at all.

I don't think I will ever do it, though I have been contacted a few times, just because I blog as a creative outlet primarily. But there's nothing that says I couldn't do both!

I'm looking forward to some good giveaways!

Shell said...

I'm starting to get review/giveaway requests, too. I think I'll only do ones that have a review WITH a giveaway. B/c if someone is just reviewing something, I rarely take the time to read it.

I'm excited about doing them, but also don't want that to be the focus of my blog.

mimbles said...

I started to get a few offers recently too and found I just wasn't interested so I've made a decision to always say no irrespective of what's on offer. If I want to do a giveaway I'll do it with something I've made ;-)

Those sort of posts are a bit of a turn-off for me generally but I do see the point of doing them if they fit with your interests or the theme of your blog.


this is my personal opinion and in no way is it meant to judge people who do giveaways

i don't do them b/c that's not the purpose of my blog. i blog to expose others to my writing and fingers crossed maybe some day someone will think i am good enough to do something with it

having said that, if you like doing the giveaways and MANY bloggers LOVE LOVE LOVE a good giveaway, i mean, c'mon, it's free stuff - then do it and don't worry too much about what the rest of the blog world thinks

having said THAT i don't think i have ever intentionally entered a giveaway

having said THAT i have won two

Jenni said...

I don't want to be inundated with reviews and giveaways, but I do like hearing a personal opinion on a product--especially from a person whose lifestyle/philosophy is similar to my own.
I'd say monthly or even weekly reviews/giveaways are ok, so long as there are normal posts in between. i think it's best to combine them--do a review, include a giveaway at the end of it. Get the commercialism out in one post ;)
With that said, I would not review a product simply for the asking. I have chosen to do a number of reviews of products or stores that I really like--not because anybody asked but because they are things that I truly do recommend to my friends. Gosh it would be nice to get paid for those LOL!!
I would say, if it's a product that you genuinely like, then sure, do a reveiw/giveaway. If you want to try it, but end up not loving it, then politely decline to review it (go ahead and tell them that you would have to post a mixed review, and they'll probably be happy to have you not bother). I certainly would not pretend to like soemthing--nor offer it in a giveaway--if I didn't genuinely like it.

Deborah Stewart said...

For the most part, I tend to blow right past blog posts with reviews and giveaways. Occasionally, I stop and take a look. I have done a couple give-aways but in both cases, I approached the other person because I really love what they were doing and because it was a great match for the teachers I write for. But both give-aways were more work than I anticipated.

It really is a personal choice isn't it:) And a tough one! I guess you just have to go back to what you enjoy about blogging and whether or not the give-aways compliment what you are doing or just are a pain in the butt ;)

Anonymous said...

I think giveaways and product reviews are great, in moderation, and when you feel they specifically apply to your life sytle.

Sometimes I post abotu a great product I've discovered just because I think people would like to know if it is worth the $$. That being said, I've never been compensated for any of my reviews, but I'd take advantage of the opportunity if I felt it fit my lifestyle.

As far as giveaways. I think they are great! I wouldn't want to see weekly give-a-ways unless that was the purpose of the blog, but monthly or quarterly ones sure wouldn't hurt :)

Unknown said...

I am not such a huge fan of them. I do appreciate the review when it is from someone I love reading and trust : ) but sometimes I feel like people have SO many. Too many. And I just don't like skipping over posts to find meat. Do you know what I mean? My friend (in my mind) Scary Mommy has a blog just for giveaways. I like that much better. I wish you all the best with whatever you do though!

Mellodee said...

Not very interested in giveaways and stuff. For me blogging is about the writing and the sharing. I don't need a "bribe" to read the blogs I like. (Besides I don't understand how the whole giveaway thing works anyway.

That said, it's your blog, do what works best for you! Do these companies pay you? That would be the only incentive I might respond to if they contacted me.

Either way, I'll still visit as long as every post is not a giveaway or review.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I think you have to do what feels right to you.

I sometimes get products to giveaway and/or review and it's fun.

But I've also had offers of sponsorship. I really don't want to go that route. There's a reason I don't have adsense or anything else on my blog. I want to keep total control over my content and I don't want to give up even the slightest bit of that to some company, no matter what they're offering.

When I accept products for review, it's with the strictest understanding that I'll give an HONEST opinion about it.

C. Beth said...

I don't like blogs that seem to have that as their main purpose, but on an occasional and selective basis, go for it!