Monday, February 1, 2010

My Next Wish

There were some GREAT ideas left in the comments of yesterday's post about the newly discovered magic capabilities of my blog. But I have to admit... that I'm going to go a more selfish route. I'd love to write about Whirled Peas... or about dream products that do everything for us... Truth be told, I think part of the magic is that I have to believe it can actually, truly happen in my life. So my next wish is....
We have 2 full bathrooms. One is in the hallway. One is off the master bedroom. When we first moved into our house, Jeff and I shared the master bathroom. The hall bath was for guests, generally. I don't know exactly when it changed. I think it was when I was pregnant and cleaning 2 bathrooms was proving difficult for me. I moved into the hall bath and Jeff got the master bath all to himself- with the understanding that he was to keep it clean.
I should have known better.
I'm not trying to embarrass my husband- which is why I won't be showing pictures or going into great detail on the condition of the master bathroom. But I will tell you that even our children aren't allowed in that bathroom. And that it might require professional help to get clean.
For now, I share a bathroom with a 5 year old and a 2 year old. And it isn't going to work much longer.
This is the sink. It's overflowing. I get the counters cleaned off as best I can about once a month. There's kid stuff- toothbrushes, toothpaste, cups, cup holders, hair things, hairbrushes. Then I have my stuff and the stuff that's out of reach of kids (medicines and such). Plus, this is where we keep the dog food and dog treats since Sassy's space is just outside this bathroom. I also go through and clean out junk about twice a year- getting rid of nail polish and old soaps and lotions or whatever.

This is where we use the bathroom. You'll notice the toilet paper is on the counter. The holder is broken (it fell in the toilet and we haven't found the right size to replace it) and we bought a new one but haven't installed it yet. I love going potty with a child size potty in my leg space.

And my shower. It's where the kids take a bath. I love my shower head. I hate showering with a net full of kid toys and no space to put my stuff except up on a towel bar. I can't ever just step into the shower. Showering always requires cleaning the tub and sides of the tub of toys and empty bottles and cups.

So that's it. My wish. I wish for our master bathroom to become an environment that Jeff and I can both use... a place where I can escape my children for a few minutes without seeing reminders of them all around me. Master bathroom. OUR Master bathroom.

I just hope it doesn't take a year for this one to come true...


Garret said...

Liz, the bathroom needs help and I can only imagine "Jeff's" bathroom. I hope you get your wish!

Mickey said...

You described our bathroom situation to a T.

Anonymous said...

Liz-You should look into those acrylic suction cup holders for the shower. I use them a lot and I gotta tell you, they hold many bottles, soaps, loofas, etc.

I really think you could maximize the space in the kids bathroom if you added just a few storage pieces just to get you through until that master bath happens ;)

Mary said...

I had that same monkey rug - different shower curtain. For reals! Until one of the dogs ate half of it. Now we just have basic blue floor rugs.

I sort of feel your pain. I had to get rid of my husband to have my own bathroom...but it is a tiny, tiny bathroom. I have large bathroom envy. I fantasize about taking a sledghammer to some walls and carving out space for a soaking tub someday.

Mellodee said...

What is it with men and bathrooms??? Are they blind?? I, too, have a Master bath that would be condemned by the Health Dept. For years I shared with my hubby a master bath and bedroom, (I cleaned them both....along with everything else in the house!) Ultimately I realized that between the odd hours and the snoring and the dog, I hadn't had a good night's sleep in years! So I finally moved into the guest room in self-defense. The formerly shared bathroom became "his" bathroom and I got my own. I kept up both of them for a long time, but finally got upset enough with the mess to abandon all hope! His bathroom?? He should clean it, right? Well, you can guess the rest. May I just say nuclear waste dump?? 'nuff said!

mimbles said...

We've only got the one bathroom for the 5 of us. There's a second toilet in the laundry downstairs but we all have to use the one shower/bath. I can't begin to tell you how much pleasure was involved in deciding a couple of years ago that bath toys were no longer needed!

I covet a bathroom with a separate shower and bath, enough towel rails for all our towels and a mirror that you can see more than just your face in. Also, I want the toilet separate from the bathroom.

Amy said...

Did I ever tell you about my must-have-garden-jacuzzi-tub?

Yeah, good luck with a kid-free bathroom!