Thursday, February 4, 2010

FitCity: Introduction

Hi!  I’m Liz C, new Mom Blogger for FitCity Indy.  What should I tell you about me?  I’m 35 years old.  Married almost 7 years.  Mom to 2 kids- Teagan, my daughter, is almost 5 and my son, Zach, is 2.  I work full time for 3M Indianapolis in Procurement and Government Contracts.  I love online social networking on, Facebook, Twitter, and my personal blog –Eternal Lizdom.  I used to be very involved in local community theatre – it’s how my husband and I met!  Now, my passions are my family, my friends, my fitness, my future!

I got started reading FitCity when I was introduced to the recipe archive and did some cooking with my kids. I started reading the FitCity Moms Blog and I was hooked! I’m really interested in a broad definition of Fit.  Being active, eating fruits and veggies. And, most important, teaching those good, healthy habits to my kids!  

I want energy to play with my kids. I want my kids to be healthy and strong.  When I am on track with being active and making better food choices, I feel better, stronger, happier, healthier.  I’ve struggled the past several years with what it means to be healthy. I have ups and downs. I go through periods where I am really focused on being active, eating yummy, healthy food. And then I fall back into a place where my health just isn’t a priority.

I’m working on locking it in to be more healthy more often, to stay on track and have good health be a top priority the same way that parenting, work, and marriage are to me. I’ve blogged quite a bit about my ups and downs – sharing my highs and lows. I recently wrote about an “ah ha” moment that is helping me push back into a top priority place- “I’m Fat Susan.”  

I’m really focused on getting more active. I want to find active things to do with my family, my kids. I want to make daily activity a priority in my life so that it simply becomes a natural part of my day, my routine. Like brushing my teeth or eating lunc h- being active and fit!  I think that’s why my favorite part of FitCity Indy is the Move More Tips Archive. There are so many ideas on easy ways to be more active, every day!

What I’ve learned so far is that the best way to succeed is to have support for the ups and downs.  And that’s why I need you!  I need your ideas, thoughts, comments.  I hope you’ll join me and the other FitCity Moms on our journey, our commitment to being Fit!


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