Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Magic Blog?

Week before last, I posted about Teagan's lying problem.
Within a week, she got a loud and clear message at church about lying.
*** I've posted several times about my dining room,
wishing we could eat there as a family.
Friday, we did.
Yesterday I posted about not sleeping well...
Last night, both kids stayed in their beds until 6:00 this morning.
I gotta wonder what I should start working on next... hmmmmm... any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Could you come up with something that magically cleans the house? I mean besides my husband?

Mary said...

My brain almost exploded! How can you ASK questions like that? Try these:

*Winning the powerball. Better yet, BARNMAVEN winning the powerball. When its over $200 million, preferably.

*I had typed "A bad case of hemorrhoids for Rush Limbaugh. Reaaallllly painful ones" but then I remembered that its bad luck to wish harm on others. So I will change that wish to lovingly say "that some people get exactly what they deserve." Is that better?

*A real live housecleaning robot that even does the laundry correctly (as opposed to me)

*self-cleaning litterboxes that also carry the bag of yuck out to the garbage pail for you.

*a magic fairy that reminds me what day the garbage can needs to go to the curb

*Gates that close themselves when I forget

God, now you've given me the fodder for todays' blog! Thanks!

Don't forget to write about that powerball thing...

Lori said...

I am happy that you are getting answers to prayers. Even though I haven't read in awhile or comment very often, I usually do read and this makes me happy to hear these things. :)

Thank you for your kind words recently...I hope you know how much they meant to me. XX

mimbles said...

Think big, go straight for world peace ;-)

Oh, and teleportation technology, I want to be able to go visit all my blog-friends whenever I want.

Katherine said...

How about ice cream that doesn't have calories, laundry that folds itself, and disappearing dirt.

Or world peace. Whatever you want most.

Claudya Martinez said...

You are on a roll. Maybe you have a magic blog and every problem you write about will get fixed. Oh, I'm so excited for you!

Unknown said...

How about Winning Lottery numbers and an easy way to get skinny know, no watching your diet and exercise.

Those 2 things would be awesome to have...good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Lori... winning the lottery has got to be a priority! ;0)

Garret said...

Well, if you wish for happiness, everything else falls into place, right? If you'd be happy winning the lotto then BAM that's part of the happiness wish.

For those of you who have seen "Wishmaster", you'll see the importance of making a "good" wish. ;-)

Deborah Stewart said...

Haha - your post and these comments are too funny!

Emily said...

You should know what I'd have you blog about :-D :-)

Amy said...

Colts Super Bowl win! A job for my dh. Sudden and not detrimental to your health weight loss. I could go on and on...