Friday, August 6, 2010

FAIR Friday FAIR Feel-Good FAIR Fragments

Click the buttons to visit our hostesses!! Today, I will not be reading any blogs. Tonight, I might. We'll see how sweaty and tired I am when I get home from the INDIANA STATE FAIR!!! If you're a long time reader of my blog, you know that I loooooove our State Fair.


The weekdays without having Jeff home have FLOWN by. Seriously fast. I've had some friends helping out with that- nights out, dinners out, friends over. It's been fantastic. The weekend will go too fast, as well. A long, full day at the State Fair, awesome fun playdate at a friend's house (neighborhood pool and then to her house for bounce house and major playtime- my kids declared her house "more fun than Grandma's" the last time we were there) on Saturday, church Sunday morning, getting ready for the week on Sunday afternoon.


We weren't sure if Teagan was going to be able to join us at the Fair on Friday. I had called to check in Weds morning... and it wasn't a good day. Pushing, hitting, throwing mulch. I... kinda snapped. See, this past Saturday, when Jeff and I had our Art Museum date, we woke up that morning and Teagan asked what she would get if she made good choices with her grandparents. I made it clear that there is no choice BUT making good choices when she is having a fun day with her grandparents and that anything other than good choices would mean a phone call to mom and dad and the end of her fun day. She had a great day. So I'd had it with this bad behavior. It's gone on long enough and needs to stop. The meltdowns at home have pretty much ceased. So I told her- you have a great day Thursday or you don't go to the Fair. Mommy, Aunt Christy, and Zach will go and you will go to school and we will have fun without you. Thankfully, she had a great, great day.


Zach is turning out to be the really funny little kid in our family. For example, when I was talking to Teagan about her behavior at school on Wednesday: Me: You WILL make good choices at school all day long on Thursday. If you don't you won't go to the Fair with us. Mommy and Aunt Christy and Zach will go and have a fun day at the Fair and you will go to school. Zach: OKAY!!! Teagan was a much more reserved 2-3 year old. It's like she wants to internalize stuff and figure it out and make sure she has it right before she just lets loose with something. Zach, on the other hand, is a free spirit who just throws it all out there and sees if any of it sticks. So we are getting some classic funny moments from him! Which is a challenge for me- because I'm going to have to find the best way to blog and share them!


Did I mention that Christy and I are taking the kids to the State Fair today? Because we totally are.


I borrowed a wagon from a mom friend- you know, for taking the kids to the Fair- and I think we might have to break down and buy one. I got it our last night just to let the kids check it out and they LOVED it. They took turns pulling each other up and down the sidewalk!


My garden is struggling. The beans are growing like mad but no blossoms, no beans. My squash gets flowers and then dies. I am getting jalapenos and got 2 bell peppers. My banana peppers are doing well. My tomatoes are growing- a plant from last year even came back- and bearing tomatoes but they are growing SO SLOWLY. And then they sit green forever! Not sure what's going on but I'm hearing similar stories from others. Oh- and I have no idea how to tell when leeks are ready to harvest. But my leeks seem to be doing well. Did I mention that there is a Farmers' Market at the Fair? And a Farmers' Market Cafe where you can eat sandwiches and salads made from local produce?


Guess where I am? Yup! The State Fair! You're so smart! Right now, I am probably drinking chocolate milk from the Dairy Bar or getting my exercise groove on at the SummerFit Plaza or maybe indulging in a corn dog or maybe visiting the llamas or maybe watching the Dock Dogs or racing pigs or maybe watching the birth of a calf or maybe coming home to crash after a long, hot sweaty, fun filled day at the Indiana State Fair!




Pandora's Box said...'re going to the Fair? I wasn't sure after reading this. :-)

4 Lettre Words said...

Hey...did you know that Indiana is having the state fair right now??? :o)

C. Beth said...

Hope you're having a GREAT time! I'm so glad Teagan chose to have a great day yesterday so she can have an even greater day today. :)

Alison said...

Man, I am jealous! I was just cruising the website of the fair in my hometown, wondering if I can drag Miss Chef there for vacation next year. Pet some livestock for me, ok?

We also have had a total bean washout this year. We're getting lots of flowers, but got exactly TWO beans, about a month and a half ago. Our squash went in late, so hasn't even flowered yet.

I learned recently that high humidity can interfere with pollination of squash. The pollen gets too sticky to travel, or something. Wonder if that's happening to your squash and our beans?

Well, thankfully there's always the local farmers' market to fall back on!

mimbles said...

Hope you're having the most aweseomest day of fabulous fun and that the kids are disturbingly well behaved for you :-)

Karen said...

I have heard that the Indiana state fair is in progress right now. Hope that you all can get out there and enjoy the day, and check out the farmers market there as well, lol.

Seriously, have a wonderful day.

Doreen McGettigan said...

Someone said you were going to the fair! I really hope you had a great time. I love our Pa. State Fair which is in May. I recently borrowed a wagon for my grand kids when we were at the beach and I am so going to buy one. It was great for the boardwalk. (I may have to buy 2 or 3, there are 11 of them.
Just hopping by to say Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

So are you like excited about the Fair?!

I LOVE any Fair!!!! Our County Fair begins on Monday and my mom and I are going!

So are "Things on a Stick" a big thing in your state too? Here we do Tatot tot hot dish on a stick and OMG it is so good!!!

I used to be able to eat more at the fair, but now I do not handle grease so well, so I usually try to have a bite of everything anyone buys.

Last year we discovered this one particular vendor's french fries. It was heaven.

Well, besides the food, we love the animals and the flea market stuff. I just love it too!!!

I hope you are having the time of your life and have the best weather! I am just so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that you have such enthusiasm for the fair. I expect pics! We'll be going soon too!

Amy said...

So Liz, do anything interesting today?

Momza said...

State Fairs are so fun!
Hope u have a blast!

Garret said...

Wow, I've still never been to a state fair.

If I make good choices, will you take me too?

Mrs4444 said...

Hm. That gardening stuff is a mystery. I'm not the person to help, I'm afraid!

Garret cracked me up :)