Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cold and Sinus Remedies

In March of 2009, I wrote a post about non-medicinal remedies for colds and sinus problems. I thought it would be appropriate to revisit this topic today as I am currently fighting a cold with everything I've got! So let's review the list and see if there is anything to add. 1. Neti Pot - I plan to use my neti pot Monday evening- wishing I'd used it Monday morning! It has still been an important tool that I very much believe in. It's warded off nasty sickies before and I hope it works again! Even if it doesn't "cure" the cold or sinus infection, I believe it reduces the severity. 2. Exercise - I'm heading to the gym at lunch today (Monday) and hoping to get a good sweat going to work out some of the sickie-ickies! 3. Hot Tea - Haven't gone this route yet today but I did enjoy my coffee this morning. I have some spiced chai or maybe I'll go for gingerbread herbal later today. 4. Wine - Still one of my favorite ways to unwind at the end of a day where I've just felt ugh-y. I enjoyed a glass of Merlot last night. I'm sure it was full of haelthy anti-oxidants, too, right? 5. Massage - Hm. Going to have to work on this one. I think I'm due for a Massage Envy appointment anyway! 6. Shower Steamers - I haven't gone this route yet but they certainly helped me through the cold and flu season the past 18 months. Great for my kids, too. Toss one in the shower, put the shower on super hot and then sit in the steamy bathroom with my sick kid, reading books or just snuggling. I also really like the vapo plug in things for me and for my kids. 7. TV - I have to admit that TV is such a normal part of my life these days that I'm not sure I can count it as a cold relief plan! However, a husband who makes an effort to record your favorite show or to bring home a rented movie or who loads my Zen with a season of Dexter or Vampire Diaries or Big Love... definitely helps me feel better! 8. Snacks - I find that I really get cravings when I'm under the weather. I don't know if it's my body wanting something specific or what. What's funny is that in March of 2009, a year before I started my Healthier Me plan, my food focus was on junk. Specifically, ice cream and doritos. That doesn't do it for me anymore! The least healthy craving I'm having with this little cold is fried rice- and even then I get egg and veggies! I want things like yogurt and spaghetti squash instead. 9. Sleep - I still struggle with this one. Especially coming off of our very busy, no down time weekend. Once the kids go to bed, I have things to get done. Even the basics take time- laundry and folding clothes (Jeff does the laundry, I do the folding and sorting and outfit planning for the kids). So while I'd love to say that I will commit to going to bed early... I also know it isn't really going to happen until my body simply crashes. Bad, I know. 10. Not getting sick in the first place - No answers on this one. But one thing I've added to my self care routine is taking Airborne. I like it. I have had illness pop up and I will up my dosage when I'm feeling blah and I think it reduces the severity. I take it daily- like a morning vitamin- and take it 2-3 times a day when I'm fighting a bug or sick. My fave flavor is Very Berry and my second fave flavor is Pink Grapefruit. I like the generic Target brand, too, but the flavor variety isn't there. How about you? What are your tried and true methods for feelings better when sick or for fighting off the bugs? Photobucket


Michelle said...

All great tips, thanks Liz! This year I am going the homeopathic route - so far, I really really like the results too! I've got a few products for the kids from the Hyland's line - no chemical drugs, no icky taste, no artificial crap - it's clear and has no taste LOL And the cough syrup tastes just like honey b/c guess what.... it's made of 100% honey! I have several things for the whole family from Hyland's and Borion. What I especially like, besides the homeopathic thing, is that they don't trick your body into doing something it isn't supposed to do - they trigger your bodies natural defenses to kick in and fight the ickies on its own. We're trying it for allergy symptom control (horrible fall allergies) for one kid, mild allergies for me, and a new cold for Schuler - so far so good! I'm totally pleased with all of it! We also love those plug in thingies too, and popcicles :)

Momza said...

You have quite the list, Liz!
It's good to know what works for you.
I've tried almost everything you've listed--
haha except for the alcohol. lol
Being Mormon, that's def. not on the list.

Emergen-C works for me, and those shower tablets that you drop on the floor of the shower. And rest.
hope ur feeling better soon.

jensays (what would jen do) said...

i hook up a humidifier/vaporizer depending on season and drink tea and take vitamins. probably too late for the extra vitamins at that point, i also love me some menthol kleenex

C. Beth said...

I felt SO crummy yesterday. A good nap plus a great night's sleep was the ticket for me.

Bill Lisleman said...

vitamin C, rest,
I bigger trick is stopping it from spreading through the tribe.

Home Remedies said...

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Liz's Mom said...

Be careful with the Airborne (zinc). Last year it was published that zinc can cause permanent damage to your sense of smell and therefore your sense of taste. One dose has been known to cause the permanent problem. When I used to take it, I would get a metalic taste when I would eat something. I wouldn't want that sensation permanently.