Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Zach!

(If the video doesn't work, here is the link to YouTube)

The kids had an awesome, awesome day with Grandma yesterday. They were apparently exhausted by bedtime and went right to sleep without a fight. They got to hammer and drill and make cupcakes and picked up at least 100 black walnuts in the yard and went for a walk. They had cupcakes for dessert, sang Happy Birthday to Zach (at his request) and he got to open his present from Grandma. They slept until... not even 6:30 this morning. Yawn.
I have taken full advantage of the kids wanting all this time with Grandma. Yesterday, I got out for a run in my mom's neighborhood. Lots of hills here, not at all like at home. I got in almost 2 miles in 25 minutes. I came back to the house and enjoyed a long, hot shower. I watched some dopey afternoon TV. I took a nap on the couch. The kids were in heaven with Grandma and I took every minute that I could. I headed out of the house and hit the mall. Walked around for an hour- kind of in culture shock since I don't do malls or mall stores. Some of those places are ridiculous!! Then I headed to a friend's house and enjoyed an evening out with them- Indian food for dinner followed by Graeter's ice cream.
Today, we drive back home. We head to a picnic and then dinner with family. It will be a busy and exciting day!
Most of all, I hope to get a few moments today to remember Zach's birth and what he was like as a baby and how big he's gotten. His smile, his sense of humor and timing, his affectionate hugs and kisses, his smarts, and all his little quirks.
When we had Teagan, we had decided that she would be an only child. We knew with our schedules and what we thought we wanted out of life that having one child that we could focus our attention on was important. Then Zach came along. And our lives improved tenfold. Teagan taught us to love. Zach taught us joy. And all that stuff people say about the relationship between a boy and his mother? I totally get it.
Happy 3rd birthday to my little boy. I love you and am so excited to see the year ahead of us unfold!


Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your precious baby boy. I am glad you guys had a great get away. Grandmas are the best sort of people! Your mom sounds like the perfect one.

Nancy said...

Wow -- a whole day to yourself? Grandma deserves a big hug.

Garret said...

Yay for birthdays AND grandmas!

Bill Lisleman said...

Happy birthday zach - Nice that mom also got to celebrate since you are the one that did the labor.

Mrs4444 said...

Three is one of my favorite ages; they are so terribly cute at that age :) HAPPY BELATED BDAY, Zach!