Sunday, October 10, 2010

This And That

I'm feeling somewhat scattered as I face the week ahead so I'm using the blog today to just get some of my scatters out! 1. I got new running shoes! I went out for a run Saturday morning and my old shoes were a detriment to my run. I went out intending for it to be a longer run/walk (3-4 miles) and ended up doing 2 because of the pain in my arches, ankles, and shins. The tread on my shoes was pretty worn so I knew it was time for new shoes. I went back to The Running Company and talked to a guy about what I want and about what I didn't want. Tried on 4 pairs of shoes and am back in Mizuno's. This time I'm in the Mizuno Wave Elixir 5. It's a lighter weight shoe that I can fore/mid foot strike in but that will still support my foot when I get tired and heel strike. Plus, better support for my arch which I could feel the previous shoes were lacking. Mizuno seems to be my brand- I could feel the difference as soon as I put the shoe on. 2. I have a busy week ahead of me. I am in training at work- my entire department is in this training along with salaried employees from some other departments. Lean Six Sigma- buzz words that some are famimliar with, I'm sure. The training is off site at a hotel. Which means no computer access. I'm thinking of taking my laptop from home so I can jump online during breaks. I will have my phone, at least, so I'll be connected that way. 3. The biggest hardship with the schedule for the week ahead is figuring out where to fit in working out. I won't be able to go to the gym on our lunch break- they will be feeding us at the hotel. I'm hoping we get breaks where Christy and I can walk laps around the hotel at least. It's an Embassy Suites so it is very pretty inside and the hallways all overlook the lobby so are natural laps. I might be able to get out for a run on a couple of evenings but that is really difficult to fit into our evening routine. 4. My kids have been best friends for the last week (most of the time). They are sleeping in the same room (Teagan in her bed and Zach on a thick camping mat on her floor). They go out and play on the deck together for hours on end. They are agreeing on things and playing together. Teagan is reading to Zach and the share snacks and trade halves of sandwiches. It's all too adorable and it melts my heart every time I see and hear it. I get so wrapped up in watching and listening that I haven't snapped any pics- except in my heart! 5. I want to thank you all again for your responses on my "I'm an Ally" post. The comments have been very positive and there has been a little conversation in there, too. I invite you to go read it and comment if you haven't already. I'm also really touched by how many of you have shared this on Twitter and on Facebook. Hopefully more people will share it and more people will be willing to step up for what they really believe in- loving all people without judgement. Photobucket


Mrs4444 said...

Those stretches of getting along so beautifully sustain us through the other times, right? :)

BTW, I have run barefoot on the treadmill a few times in the past month; I really love it. I need to buy some running shoes, so I'll keep your suggestion in mind.

Good luck taking care of yourself this week. Have a wonderful week!

P.S. I "unliked" your FB page, but only because I use my real name on FB and don't want to appear on blog widgets. Just wanted to explain.

C. Beth said...

I hope the training goes well! I think walking laps at the hotel sounds like a great way to get in some exercise.