Monday, October 18, 2010

The 7 Year Itch?

Happy 7th Anniversary to me and my husband... 7 years ago today, Jeff and I traveled to Gatlinburg, TN to become man and wife. Last year, I finally compiled all my notes and journaling into some blog entires- detailing our entire weekend. I love going back and reliving it. I look forward to someday spending an anniversary back there, maybe even in our same cabin.

The Drive Down- Adventures in Marriage Licensure

It's funny to go back and read this post and remember the people who came down to TN to be with us when we got married. Some are people we rarely see anymore (due to taking time off from our theatre involvement) like the Murello-Todd Family. Some are people we have cut out of our lives since having children like Jeff's mother. Some are people no longer attached to us (and we continue to be very thankful for that) like the person who is now Jim's ex-boyfriend.

Our Wedding Day

The preparations, the pictures, the adorable little chapel...

The Reception and Our Night Out

The reception at our cabin and an evening out with friends and family at Sweet Fanny Adams.

The Day After and The Long Hike

Sunday was a day in Gatlinburg spent with friends. And Monday was a day that will be forever known as "The Day Liz and Christy Decided to Torture Themselves."


As of Sunday evening, we haven't done anything to celebrate. We aren't big celebrators, I suppose. We would have made plans to go out Saturday night. We had a sitter (Christy, of course). But it was Jeff's 25th high school reunion and there were weird things going on and he ended up being a major part of the whole thing running smoothly- he provided equipment, music, took on a photo project at the last minute. So I basically didn't see him from Friday evening until Saturday evening. I did go to the reunion- I drove separately and only stayed 2 hours. Jeff's focus was on his responsibilities at the reunion and not on keeping his wife entertained or introduced. Which is fine- neither of us were thrilled about the reunion in the first place. I do think he had a great time- I just think I didn't need to be there. Which is kind of sad, I guess. I kind of thought my "appearance" was so that he could introduce me to people. But that didn't seem to be on the list of priorities. The only compliments I got on how I looked were from a photographer, Christy, and my kids. I wore make up, did my hair, wore a dress, heels, earrings, pantyhose- I never, ever do that. I wanted to look nice for my husband. I wanted him to be proud to have me by his side. I didn't feel any of that when I decided to leave.

Wow, I'm getting whiney. This isn't something I'm upset about, really. This is just not how I'd wanted the "date night" for our anniversary to go. Hard to reschedule it- next weekend is Zach's birthday and the weekend after is Halloween. So this will be a more "down home" kind of celebration and recognition of the day. And I'm fine with that because that is who we are and how we are. The best part of this anniversary is that I like where we are. Sure, we disagree and sometimes we even fight. But most of the time, we are a team, we are on the same page.

Bottom line is- we love each other, we trust each other, and we laugh together. What more could I ask for?



Amy said...

Happy anniversary! Hope you got to take some ordinary time to celebrate your extraordinary lives.

Liz Mays said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you're comfy with the way things are now!

Garret said...

Happy anniversary!

Shell said...

Your last paragraph says all that is important!

Happy anniversary!

jennifer @ What Would Jen Do said...

happy anniversary to you!!