Friday, October 8, 2010

Mommy's Idea
Hooray for Friday! I am glad to see this week come to an end and I am looking forward to this weekend. We have a couple of fun possible things to do but nothing concrete or "Must Do." I wasn't sure I was going to be able to post today. My post yesterday- I'm An Ally and I Give A Damn and I Love God, too- kind of took it out of me. In fact, I felt bad that my originally intended post didn't get as much attention- Everyday Heroes. But it had to come out and I needed to say what I said and I am glad I did! I always feel good when I have that kind of emotional and spiritual purge. Halloween costumes have been chosen! Zach originally said he wanted to be a football player and Teagan wanted to be a cheerleader. But when we started looking at the costumes, Zach saw a Captain America costume and that was the end of it. He wanted nothing but Captain America. Teagan seriously considered some very cute super hero outfits- Super Girl, Wonder Woman, Spider Girl- but decided to stick with a pink and black cheerleader costume. Halloween wasn't something I did as a kid so this fun and excitement with my kids has me feeling good! Halloween for us is usually just trick or treating in the neighborhood. However, last year we went to a Trunk Or Treat event at our sister church (it was a combined event between 2 churches) and that was fun so I hope we do that again. The other thing I want to do this year that we've never done before is go to the Indianapolis Zoo for Zoo Boo. Thinking about adding a new possible tradition to our fall activities- yep, you guessed it- has me feeling good! I love that it's finally feeling like autumn! I love the leave changing colors and the crisp air and turning on the heat from time to time. I get really excited about fall and winter and all the fun things to do to celebrate this time of year! Changing seasons = feeling good! I'm going to sign off at this point- because if you're going to spend time on my blog today, I'd really like you to read my posts from yesterday that I linked above. I'd also encourage you to consider my FitCity post this week and I'd love to have Eternal Lizdom readers participate in that Recipe Exchange! Because if you go read those other posts (and comment if you feel so moved), I will feel good on this fragmented Friday!! Photobucket


Garret said...

I wanna be Wonder Woman!

Mrs4444 said...

I haven't read your post yet, but I did just check and am happy to see that Mimbles linked it up! Off to check it out... :)

Anonymous said...

We do our Zoo Boo too! Hah! I just ryhmed.

I am off to read your other stuff.