Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life of Lizdom: Updates

You get a bonus post today! I am putting together an "About Me" type of page and had asked for suggestions on posts to include. While the response was underwhelming to my request, one thing was clear- all of the writing I did for my Life of Lizdom series back in March is a great way to see who I am. I went back and reread those posts and am including them on the page but realized that I needed to update the information! The Schedule Sundays are basically the same. It's a very rushed morning due to music team and children's choir. We also go out to eat most Sundays with Jeff's parents. The biggest difference for our weekdays right now is that both kids go to the same school so Jeff and I no longer have to divide up drop off and pick up duties. Also, I'm no longer doing the Couch to 5K program and I don't generally take a day of rest like I was doing then. Christy and I hit the gym almost every weekday. We've been attending church on Wednesday evenings- usually just dinner but are starting to expand into the after dinner activities a bit, too. I'm co-producing the Christmas pageant with our associate pastor and she runs rehearsal on Wednesday evenings and I rehearse with the kids on Sunday mornings. The Activities No big changes here, really. The kids aren't involved in any extracurricular activities. I'm blogging for FitCity, on MomsLikeMe, on my blog. I work the same job, same hours. I'm now the head of a children's choir for our church and my current time taking project there is the Christmas Pageant that I wrote. No involvement with school beyond typical stuff. My Philosophy No big changes here, either. Which is as it should be! Practicality No change here. I still use my binder. We still try to keep a general sense of routine. We no longer follow the routine of school at home- Zach doesn't seem to need to nap in the same way Teagan did at his age so we play naptime by ear. The Big Secret Definitely no change on this one! The house is still messy. I still seem to follow my normal routine- I can keep the basics in check and will have to take time to do a big project when more in depth cleaning is needed. Photobucket


Bill Lisleman said...

Please don't interpret my comment the wrong way. The worlds has and needs all types of people. You seem to be the organizer type.
schedule, binder, etc.
What ever works but sometimes the universe doesn't allow you to organize it.

Alison said...

I still don't know how you have time for all this. But I'm in awe of your persistence in fitting in daily workouts! You have so many ready excuses and don't let yourself use them.

Keep on, sistah! :-D

Eternal Lizdom said...

@lisleman Please don't misunderstand my post!! I am not the organized binder type. The schedule isn't a hardcore schedule that we follow- it's just how our week happens to go. The binder is my sanity because I can't keep track of papers and ideas in my mess of a house.

Maybe Christy or Jeff or my mom will weigh in and share... I'm really not any sort of a Type A mom!!