Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things I Love About Spring

We've had constant rain here.  The forecast at the end of last week said we would get rain at least once a day for the next 6 days.  All this rain is causing flooding and everyone is tired of the gray clouds and lack of sun.  Thought it might be a good time to remember the things I like about spring to get through these rainy days!

My lilac bush is blooming.  I love my lilac bush and want to plant another.  I actually bought it at Costco and I've loved watching it grow bigger and more full every spring.

I'm wearing dresses!  I wore a dress on Monday and again today.  I love the easiness of wearing a dress- no matching stuff, no putting things together.  Dresses are already put together. 

Wearing dresses means shaving my legs more often.  Not that I like to shave my legs but I do like my legs when they are shaved.

Not only is it more pleasant to run outside, I see tons of people out and about being active!  Walkers, runners, joggers, cyclers.  I love seeing the playgrounds in use, the dog walkers out for a stroll.

I start to see my neighbors more often.  We all hibernate for the winter and start to come out of our caves a bit more in the spring.

I get to start planning my veggie garden!

Produce selection is better.

Farmers Markets will start soon!

It's fun to plan weekends with nicer weather.  I can handle a trip to the Zoo when it is raining since there are enough indoor areas.  Light rain never stops me!

TV gets goooood.  Seasons are gearing up for finales and sweeps and story lines are getting intense.  Anyone else ready with a box of tissues for The Office this Thursday?

And this spring... I'm spending time... PLANNING OUR SUMMER VACATION!  It's so nice to escape into dreaming about time off.  No big reveals about our plans until we commit financially, though. 

What do you love about spring?



Rachel @ The Lazy Christian said...

Hmm...I like being outside with my son. Although I hate being allergic to everything outside. Makes it a little less fun. I'm a fan of the zoo, as well, and renting bikes down on the canal in nice weather. Oh! I also like going for walks in the morning, but that would require the rain to stop...

Garret said...

Spring here in Charlotte is awesome. Love all the flowering trees unlike palm trees in FL.

Alison said...

I like all the same things you do! lilacs here. :( But I just realized our purple verbena has a light scent. :)

I like more hours of daylight, so I can see the sun before my work day and at the end. I like those early, insect-free days when we can leave the doors wide open if we want, and Rosie can let herself out.

I like the flowers, especially the first ones--the daffodils I spent hours planting in heavy clay, but that come back dependably without any further work on my part.

I like being able to open all the windows and air the place out. And Miss Chef likes it when the sweet olive trees are blooming and scent the whole house.

Light, color and optimism in the air. Spring's always been my favorite season.

Anonymous said...

We were able to open the doors and windows for the first time on Easter Sunday. What a joy it is now to even feel warmer air...sunshine and see the colors start to come forth. I would dread gloomy rainy days....therefore I am wishing them all to happen overnight for you in the coming week so that you sleep through the rain!! ;-) said...

Sunshine which means goodbye wintry gloom!! YES!

Rebecca said...

Produce is so much better especially watermelon!