Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I've Lost My Mind

Yesterday, I posted about that horrible 10 mile run.

For weeks now, I've been dreading running.  I've been wishing the stupid half marathon would just be here and be over already. 

But then a funny thing happened.

I went for an easy run Monday.  2.5 miles.  I walked anytime I wanted or needed to.  I paid attention to my breathing and my form and any twinges or soreness.  And it was actually kind of... fun.  And that's what I needed and that's what I missed on Saturday.  Saturday was miserable.  Monday was fun.

Today, a Groupon went up for Team In Training.  $25 and I will get a lot of training and coaching and motivation.  I will have assistance and motivation to raise money for a great cause.  There will be fun and parties and a dinner to celebrate. 

I've just committed to doing another half marathon.  The Indianapolis Marathon.

I've lost my mind.

I'm doing a half marathon May 6.
I'm doing a 50K bike ride June 18.
I'm doing a 5K June 25.
I'm doing another bike ride (details TBD) in mid-September.
I'm doing a half marathon Oct 15.

A year ago... when I was still so new into this journey... no way could I have imagined committing to these things.

I was talking to someone today who has made a lot of changes in his life and has been making healthy choices, getting back into running and fitness.  For him, it's a return to the way he used to be.  He used to run marathons and do lots of endurance events and weight lifting. 

I don't have that background. 

In high school, I walked to lots of places because that was my main mode of transportation.  I played volleyball for a season or two.  I got involved in our outdoor club and was into hiking and camping and such.  But my draw was to the arts- singing and theatre.  Got to college, became more sedentary, became more focused on the arts, started the weight gain.  I didn't have an athletic, healthy background to fall back on to help me out.  I didn't have an "I used to be healthy and thin."  Because in high school, I was mildly active, not really athletic, and thin only because I had a great metabolism. 

So I think about that background.  And I think about where I came from (my first marriage would have resulted in me easily weighing in at 300 pounds by now since my ex was a 400 lb guy who loved beer and fried chicken and pizza and such) and where I am now...

And I'm pretty stinking amazed. 

Then I spend some time scrolling down the news feed on Facebook and I see so many of my friends posting about going out for a run, working on improving their mile time, posting their cardio workouts and strength training routines.  I am not taking credit for their healthy choices- but I know that when you keep getting messages and seeing others make good choices, it's infectious and you start to think you can do it and then you dip your toe in the water and suddenly...

You're training for half marathons and 50K bike rides.

I've lost my mind.



C. Beth said...

And what a beautiful insanity it is. :)

Eric said...

Yay for you!

Shannon said...

I love your spirit!!!

Anonymous said...

You can take credit for me! <3

Karen M. Peterson said...

I love it, Liz. You are on fire.

And I've learned that we really do become like the people we associate with. So when we spend time with people who adopt healthy lifestyles. it makes us want to do it too.

Nancy C said...

You will love Team in Training on so many levels.