Thursday, April 7, 2011

To Grandmother's House We Go!

Short post. Busy couple of days. But so eager for them!

Today, Jeff is off on a gaming weekend with a couple of his buddies. I had a scheduling conflict. 15K event on Saturday, no husband to stay with the kids, hate to try to find someone willing to watch my kids at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday. It's spring break here so Teagan doesn't have school. The kids are having fun at their school- but it's more like Spring Break Camp. This means there is no school, lessons, etc to miss.

I'm taking my kids to Grandma's house. I will have true time alone. I can seriously barely contain my excitement. It isn't like I'll have a lot of free time. I have to rush back from Ohio for music team practice. I have to go to work on Friday. I have to go run 9.3 miles on Saturday morning. And I will have a bed to myself. And I won't have to make dinner for anyone. And I won't have to rush anyone out the door. And I won't have to fight over what shirt goes with which skirt. And I won't have to convince anyone to eat just a few more bites. And I won't have to wrangle anyone at bedtime. And I won't have to cut someone else's food before my own. And I don't have to be home by any certain time or bear responsibility for anyone's care before my own wants.

I will miss my kids and my husband.

A little...



Unknown said...

I bet you are going to miss them a lot! : )
Way to go on your run. You are a true super star liz!

Nancy said...

Yay Liz, a mommy weekend....I am so jealous!

Garret said...

Short but great post. The way you worded it was funny. Especially the "a little" part.

Enjoy your alone time!

PS Where's the rabbit statue?

Anonymous said...

I adore weekends (or even a whole week) like that. I envy you! Enjoy your alone time and good luck in the 15K!


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