Friday, April 15, 2011

TGI Fragments!

Mommy's Idea

Happy Friday! This has been one heck of a week.  I'm tired and there's been some stress but it's all good. 


I just caught this story about a 7 year old who got plastic surgery to change something about her appearance.  The story was laid out to sound like this little girl was being bullied and teased but the little girl didn't seem to think so.  The story bothers me.  Maybe if there had been teasing and bullying that had impacted her in a negative way?  Maybe if there was medical reason to fix the "issue?"  But her health wasn't impacted... I just can't imagine the lesson she really learns from this.


Busy and fun weekend ahead! 
  • Tomorrow is Race for the Cure.  If you've been wanting to donate to support my efforts but haven't yet, please do!!  You can read here about why this event is important to me and you can go here to donate in support of my participating.
  • As soon as I cross the finish line, there is no time to celebrate or chat or wait for my walking teammates.  I've got to keep running directly to my car and get back home, pick up the family, and get to Cincinnati to celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday!!  It's an amazing milestone.  Best of all, all of her kids will be there.  My mom, Aunt Martha, Aunt Kathy, Aunt Liz, and Uncle Tim.  Some spouses will be there, too.  I'm eager to see my Uncle Galen since I haven't seen him in years!  My brothers will both be there, Ted's girlfriend Em will be there, my kids will be there.  This is going to be... epic!
  • Sunday morning is church and this is Palm Sunday so the kids all get called out of church and they lead our Palm Sunday Processional.  They wave palm branches and the congregation sings and the kids join in on the chorus.  Since I teach our Sunday morning kids' choir, I get to help lead the processional.  And this is a milestone Sunday as I just found out that Teagan will get to acolyte first service for the very first time (that means lighting the alter candles as church is starting).
  • Sunday afternoon is a birthday party for a set of triplets from Teagan's school.  The entire family is invited.  Sounds like there's going to be a big turnout.  It's at a movie theatre and we get to see "Rio."  I'm really excited!  The downfall is that we might mis sout on the Easter Carnival that afternoon at church.  We will swing by after the movie and if it's still on, we're going!

Important lesson learned: If you are on iron supplements and you forget to take your nightly dose 2 nights in a row and think it's a good idea to just take one on an empty stomach in the morning... it's not.  Don't do it. 


My friend Nancy is moving away.  It's been in process for a while. Her husband got an opportunity with a company that he couldn't pass up and they've been living in 2 places for months now.  She'll be 2 hours away.  Her daughter is a little younger than Teagan.  While I know I'm not Nancy's best friend and I know I'm not the person it's hardest to leave behind... I'm sad because I'm really going to miss my friend.  We met through Indy Moms and became friends.  She eventually started coming to church at The Promise ( my church).  I got used to seeing her and her daughter (and sometimes her husband) on Sunday mornings.  Then she started attending Wednesday evenings (when we have dinner and small groups) and that's when I think we really got closer.  We got to chat and eat together and watch our kids run around together.  She's been there when I needed to vent or just needed a hug.  I'm incredibly thankful that we have the internet to stay in touch but... I'm going to miss my friend.


Ever have one of those days where you just need this:

Yeah, me too.


Enjoy your Friday and your weekend!!  Leave me a comment and tell me what's going on in your fragmented world!



Garret said...

I'm thinking about not even commenting since I feel abandoned by you. I mean, what were you thinking, not joining in on the 2am Podcast when I needed you most?

LAC said...

Love, love that coffee truck. Wonder if he makes daily deliveries to Pennsylvania.

Congrats on your efforts for the Race for the Cure.

Enjoyed your FF post very much. I have finally gotten back to doing them myself. Hoping to find you again next week.

have a beautiful weekend!

Bill Lisleman said...

You book yourself a very busy weekend - hope the driving and schedules all work.
The coffee ad was well placed.

Nancy said...

Oh Liz, after the service this morning, and then reading this, I am in tears again. You are one of the people that is very hard to leave. I am going to miss you so much because you are "soooooooooo special" to me and my family!