Friday, April 22, 2011

Hoppy Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea

So glad it's Friday and that the weekend is ahead of us.  I think we might actually end up with a little down time this weekend- down time that we will fill with a list of things that need to get done around the house.


We're supposed to get rain for the next 7 days here in Indiana.  This has 2 immediate impacts on our plans.  The first is that it means yet another rainy run for me.  Christy and I are doing a 10 mile event tomorrow morning as our last long run before the half marathon on May 7.  The second is that the final chance for an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids has been cancelled.  We didn't make it to the one at church because we were at a birthday party.  We were planning on the first ever egg hunt being held at my office but they've cancelled it in advance due to the forecast and the amount of rain we've already received.  So it looks like Mom and Dad will be hiding eggs around the house Saturday night!


I need to get going on our Easter baskets.  We don't do the Easter Bunny thing.  The baskets are from us to the kids.  I know there will be Peeps and I know there will be fancy iced cookies from our favorite local bakery.  There might be some bubbles since that's a big fun thing this year.  Maybe a movie or book for each.  I wonder if I could get some sushi to put in Teagan's basket? 


I have a friend that I've talked about before- Lindsey (she's a Mother Who Moves Me).  Well, big news for Lindsey this week!  She gave birth to twin boys!!  Congrats to Lindsey and Mike and Ava and welcome to Andrew and Ben!


I am terribly behind on blog reading.  Trying to get around to some today- I've got a bajillion tabs open with blogs and hope to click over when I get brief breaks from work.


Here's something irritating.  Blogger changed the posting so we have more options and it's improved and blah blah blah.  My issue is tha tonce they switched it, the old version's html stopped working correctly.  If I go back to an old post, there are no line breaks anymore.  I have to go in and add them back.  Grrrrr...


I'm still obsessing over planning a summer vacation.  I'm hoping I can convince Jeff to go for at least one of my ideas but I'm thinking it might need to wait a few years so that Zach can fully understand.  There is a bed and breakfast near Shipshewana called Farmstead.  It's a working farm and you can stay there and get up bright and early and help with chores and everything.  You can kind of experience what it's like to live on an Amish farm- right down to having no electricity.  Wouldn't that be awesome??  From the book "101 Things To Do In Shipshewana"

The Farmstead Bed & Breakfast presents a rare opportunity to actually stay at an Amish home.  You'll stay in the Dawdy Haus, the extension of the home where the grandparents traditionally live, and can freely roam the farm and even help with chores if you'd like!  Owners Kenneth and Colleen Yoder will make breakfast for you and take you on a complimentary buggy ride.  Kids are definitely welcome, and will enjoy the farm's steer, Persheron draft horses, chickens, fainting goats (yes, they are what the name implies), cats and dogs.  This is the real thing.  No electricity. No television.  No phone.  Just old-fashioned, traditional farm life.


Stress at work has led to a really crappy diet.  And not just the "I don't have time to eat so I'm choosing crappy junk" kind of bad choices, either.  I mean like "my response to stress and relaxing from a stressful day is grabbing chips or pretzels and chip dip and vegging on the couch."  I think I'm starting to feel more in control of the new responsibilities at work and I hope that sense of control flows into my eating very soon.  Although it's funny- my bad food choice days now compared to how I was eating 18 months ago aren't even an issue.  I'm still relatively healthy on a general scale but I'm not healthy on MY scale!


Video: the family singing Happy Birthday to my Grandma for the celebration of turning 90!


I hope you have some fun and rest and relaxation ahead in your weekend!



LAC said...

COngrats on your running accomplishments!

Hope you have the relaxed weekend you desire.

Have a blessed Easter.

Mrs4444 said...

I love how the one guy starts the birthday song with a tone that says, "Let's get this show on the road!"haha Your grandma looks AMAZING! Happy Birthday, Gma! :)

You scared me! However, my old posts are just fine. Maybe it's just in a certain browser??

That Amish farm vacation sounds really, really neat. However, I'd be a little worried that they wouldn't like to serve me breakfast at 10 or 11.haha

Happy Easter, Liz!

Karen M. Peterson said...

So sorry about the rainy run. Maybe it'll clear up just long enough for you to do the event, and then it will start again. Maybe?

Have a happy Easter!

Bill Lisleman said...

My last post has a link to a Chicago Tribune page about peeps.
Going to a farm is interesting but I know I would not want any back breaking work and I'm not much of a morning person. Milking a cow once would be fun enough and worth a try.

Alison said...

Love the way that running 10 miles is just another part of your life now. I remember when you were freaking out about having to run TWO WHOLE MINUTES without stopping! Just a reminder of how far you've come. :)

Enjoy your rainy weekend.

qandlequeen said...

I have to say I've held more indoor egg hunts than outdoor. It's a rare spring day to allow us outside to tromp around in the yard in this neck of the woods.

Garret said...

I can hear you in the birthday song saying "yayyyyyyyyyyyy" several times.

I too was scared about the blog formatting but mine look fine. Maybe cause I use LiveWriter?