Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Fragments- Insanity Edition

Mommy's Idea

It's Friday, Friday- Gotta Fragment on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to my Fragments, Fragments

Fragmentin', fragmentin' (yeah)
Fragmentin', fragmentin' (yeah)
Mrs. Four Four Four Four
Lookin' forward to my Fragments!

The drive to Ohio was fine.  The drive home from Ohio was fine.  Dropping off the kids was fine.  Going to music team at church was fine.  Hanging out with Jennifer after music team was great!  Coming home to a quiet house was great!  Sleeping with the bed all to myself was great!  Waking up refreshed after a complete night's sleep was amazing!  I'm starting to really understand why my mom made sure I spent a week with my grandparents every summer and often over winter break, too...


I have a new post up at FitCity today!! It's an update about the healthy food at my kids' preschool.  It's a follow up to the post I wrote at the start of the school year.  Check it out- even better would be if you left me a comment!


Tomorrow morning, I'm going to complete a 15K.  Say what?!?!?  Do you know how far 15 kilometers is??  9.3 MILES.  I'm not feeling awesomely confident about this.  I'm a little anxious, a little excited, and really hoping I feel great after finishing because that will then be a great confidence booster for the half marathon.  You know... that half marathon that is less than 30 days away!!  ACK!  This is that Insanity part... I'm really starting to question my sanity about this whole running long distances thing.


Dear marketers, If you are going to approach a blogger about doing advertising for your company/product/service, please be aware that bloggers are not stupid and that there are many of us who won't be so in awe of a name brand contacting us that we are willing to provide free advertising for a product we know nothing about, have never used, aren't being offered, and aren't being paid for.

Dear bloggers, Please don't feed those marketers!  Your space is valuable- it's like a billboard on the information highway.  Value your space and your readers and seek out mutually beneficial relationships!

Thank you.


OK, maybe not much of a vlog attempt.  And not a great conolation prize unless you're really eager to know random stuff about me.  Ah well... 

Have a great weekend!!  Anything fun going on?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Friday song! Thanks Liz. I think it may very well be just the trick to cheer me up and out of this bed. I'm seriously going to get up and go to the gym right now...thanks to you! :)

Anonymous said...

I meant YOUR friday song...not that other one, Haha!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the vlog too! I tried to think of a fragment for ya to post on Fb earlier but I got nuttin'!

Okay...seriously off to the gym now. <3 ya. Smoochies!

Jennifer said...

Loved your Friday fragment song, and also really enjoyed hanging out with you after Music Team! (Need to do it again soon!)

Karen and Gerard said...

Good luck on your 15K, farther than I can run!

Unknown said...

You are going to do great tomorrow on the run. I think you are amazing. And very, very skinny!

Garret said...

I tried Mio Peach Tea. I returned it to Walmart yesterday. Yelch. Awesome "Liz Friday" video! LOL. I really loved this post. I love the kids pic on the wall. I paused the video at the tea-drawer explanation so that I could laugh. The toaster comment... wonderful. I told someone at work about the toaster thing a few days ago.

You have so much stuff! My HR friend says everything should fit in one box if you got booted = I think you failed.

On the other hand, your videos and blog won.

Amy said...

I'm reading from the future -- so I already know you finished the 15K. Go YOU! Awesome.

I'm really craving some "send the kids to grandma" time. Not really possible here right now, so instead, I'm heading out myself for an overnight next week. Woohoo!

As far as the marketers -- I had one approach me about my work blog. They wanted to sponsor a post by putting a link to something on it. But they were unwilling to reveal the name of the company or the content of the link until I'd agreed to do it. All for $10! Do they really find people dumb enough to go for that?

Kristin - The Goat said...

I don't have kids, but I have a husband and I crave having the bed all to myself for the whole night! My sister makes sure she gets some kid free time - I think it's so important. So glad you enjoyed your time.

Congrats on the run!!