Saturday, April 30, 2011


I like going somewhere I've never been before.  I generally prefer a little time to plan ahead.  But with this Big Deal at Work, I've been booked as part of a group (me, my boss, her boss) that has to travel to the locations that are part of this whole situation.

We're going to Nebraska.

I know nothing about Nebraska.  Well, I know that Lincoln is the capitol and I'm not going there.  And that Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska and I am going there. 

I thought I should do some learning before I go visit this state.

Did you know that Nebraska is home to Boys Town?  Made famous by the old movie... it's still a thriving and important organization.  Boys Town is one of my favorite classic films- I would love to visit this organizaiton and see the memorabilia.  Plus, the actual Boys Town is exactly the kind of place I'd want to be involved with and support.  Besides- who wouldn't want to see the World's Largest Ball of Stamps?

Established in 1917 by Father Edward J. Flanagan, Boys Town is a national organization saving children and healing families across America. The village was made famous by the 1938 award-winning movie "Boys Town," staring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney. The Hall of History features Tracy's Academy Award and presents an exciting review of Boys Town's founding and impact on the lives of children. The Father Flanagan House Museum is the renovated home of Boys Town's founder and features a glimpse at early life at Boys Town. Other attractions on the 900-acre site include Father Flanagan's Tomb, Dowd Memorial Chapel, Chambers Chapel, Garden of the Bible, the "Two Brothers" statue and the Leon Myers Stamp Center that houses the "World's Largest Ball of Stamps."

There's a castle in Omaha!!  Joslyn Castle and I want to go but I know I won't have time.

Malcolm X was born in Nebraska- you can visit his birthsite in Omaha.

Kool-Aid was created in Nebraska in 1927.

CliffsNotes were invented in Nebraska!

The population of Omaha is less than 500,000.

Arbor Day was founded in Nebraska.

The state motto is "Equality before the law."

The reuben (sandwich) was created in Nebraska!

Nebraska has more miles of river than any other state.

The zoo in Omaha has an indoor rainforest- Lied Jungle!

911 was developed and first used in Nebraska.

The largest kolache festival is held in Nebraska (I WANNA GO FOR THAT!!!).

I guess there really is a lot of interesting stuff in Nebraska.  I won't get to explore any of it or visit any of it.  If I'm lucky, I might drive past something.  That's the problem with business travel- there's no time for fun.  This trip especially will not have time for fun- any time not on work sites will be spent focused on the issues and discussing what we've discussed and seen.

But at least I'll know a few fun facts and interesting tidbits about the state that I'm visiting!


Amy said...

Posted this on your FB wall, but Annie, who guest posted on my blog the other day about her weight loss efforts, lives in Omaha! Darn work. Sounds like you won't have a chance to try to meet up.

Shannon said...

The Henry Doorly Zoo is fantastic! Plus, Omaha is the home of the College World Series. Have fun, and safe travels. Wave to my college roommate, she's from

KPCL Girl said...

Hey, Liz--

My Greenfield-Central High School Drama Teens are headed to Nebraska in June for the International Thespian Society National Conference. I took the liberty of posting this on their FB page so they could learn a little about the state. :-)

Annie said...

I live in Omaha! Great place. 500,00 if you don't count suburbs, but I do count them since I live in one and then the total is closer to 1,000,000! Wish you had a free moment so we could at least meet up for a quick photo op to make Amy jealous. ;)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Wish I had some idea of my itinerary so I could maybe determine a quick hello at my hotel or something... hmmmm...

Annie said...

Email me at and you can tell me when you'll be here. It would be neat to meet!

Katherine said...

We are actually planning on going to Omaha later this month. I had no idea there was a castle!

Karen M. Peterson said...

With as many people as I know who have lived in Omaha, it's sort of weird that I've never been there. I've been wanting to take a random trip to Nebraska ever since I saw the movie Yes Man a couple of years ago.

Have a good trip. Even if you don't get to do any of the fun stuff.