Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Days Just Need Wine

Remember my post about my job changes?

The stress hasn't let up.  I'm handling it fine.  To be honest, I'm even enjoying it.  But there is a cost and that adds stress.  I'm running at full speed all day long.  I'm going in a little early, I'm working at home in the evening.  I'm sitting in lots of meetings and conference calls.  I have "important people" coming into my office all day long. 

This week and next, I am committed to sticking to my fitness plan at the very least.  That's what slid last week and resulted in that horrible 10 mile run experience.

This week, I got a brief run in on Monday.  I got a good workout in on Tuesday.  I got a very brief run/walk on Weds evening.  So I'm mostly on track with fitness. 

This week, I'm not eating.

My typical day is getting to work, getting my coffee, check e-mails, maybe an early morning meeting, make breakfast and eat at my desk.  More work, go work out, back to the desk for a conference call, make lunch and eat at my desk, etc.  Some days there might be a snack in the late morning or afternoon.

Tuesday, I ate breakfast at 9.  Smart Ones frozen things- scrambled eggs, potatoes, I add sriracha sauce.  Went to the gym at lunch.  Got back and the crap hit the fan and it was suddenly the end of the day and as I drove home I realized... I'd never eaten lunch.

Wednesday, I came in early, meetings started up immediately.  I look at the clock and it's noon.  No breakfast, time to eat lunch.  Got lunch.  Then the evening was packed with an event for school where I enjoyed a couple of snacks but then went to church, went for a brief run/walk with a friend, never ate dinner.

Came home and made popcorn.

And poured a glass of Chateau Thomas Malbec. 


Next week, I'm traveling for work.  Related to this new stuff I'm doing.  Very last minute planned trip but it will be an important one.  I'm taking some of the stress of being stretched thin off by lining up some GREAT guest bloggers.  I'm very excited about the line up and topics I'm seeing so far!! 



Garret said...

The important thing about all this is the wine. Funny, Jim and I had 2 glasses of wine with dinner last night.

Amy said...

I always laugh when someone says they forgot to eat lunch. I don't think that could happen to me...EVER. I like food too much.