Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Things Come In Brown Boxes

It's been an exciting week with Jeff out of town. 

On 2 different days, we had brown cardboard boxes delivered to our house.  One was expected, one was a surprise, and both contained exciting things!

First, we ordered Teagan's backpack and lunch box for school.  We decided to make an investment in something "grown up" with the intention that it lasts for a few years.  Teagan was very excited to help pick out colors and we even splurged and had her initials and a butterfly embroidered on each bag.  She chose the blue for the backpack and the coordinating style in pink for the lunchbox.  I love how they hook together!

A surprise package arrived yesterday.  it was from Amazon, it had Jeff's name on it.  I assume he'd ordered something for himself.  Imagine my surprise when I texted him about it and he said it was a present for me!

He and I have an ongoing conversation about giving flowers to someone.  I love getting flowers- especially at work.  It's a fun way to brighten up the office and it leaves smiles on people's faces.  Jeff hates giving flowers because you enjoy them for a few days, they die, you throw them away.  Waste of money.

He must have happened upon a great deal.  According to the packing slip, he spent about what he would have on having a nice bouquet delivered.  But I have something that is going to last a long time, bring many smiles, and much laughter.  Best of all, I can now share something with my kids that my mom shared with me.  Something she and I laughed over together many times.  Something that I am very excited about and just so pleased that he thought of me.

Yup.  The complete series.  Every episode.  It might even have stuff I haven't seen before.  I've been a Lucy fan for years and years.  I can't wait to introduce my kids to her crazy antics!!

Have you had any fun surprises lately?  Are you a Lucy fan?  I must know what your favorite episodes are!!  Do you do special things for the people you love? 

And anyone want to send me flowers?



Anonymous said...

I'm with Jeff. I hate spending money on something that will die in a few days. I'd prefer a house plant but if you're gonna buy me flowers...I love the cheap "wildflower" bouquet fro Kroger just as much as roses, if not more (because it's cheaper!)

Love the personalized back packs!

That was a very thoughtful gift your DH got you! I hope you enjoy some laughs with the kiddos!

Jessica Nunemaker from little Indiana said...

I have the whole flower issue too.

I Love Lucy though? That's totally different! Know what's even funnier? I get to do a grape stomp at the end of the month for charity--had to submit a bio and everything. I totally referenced the one with her stomping grapes. ;) A classic.

Garret said...

I want to send you flowers... but I'm not going to. It's the thought that counts, right?

I love Lucy! No, I mean I do. I love I Love Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Liz, my office at home is my "Lucy room" with photos, cookie jars, books, dolls and other collectibles given to me throgh the years. It's a happy place.

Mary Sheridan said...

Ok..I'm not anonymous...I guess I clicked the wrong button.

Mary Sheridan

Mellodee said...

Good luck with using the backpack for a couple of years. Kids are so hard on this kind of stuff that they generally get so ratty looking (the backpacks, not the kids!), you're lucky if you can use it for a full year!

I think the kids use their belongings to play kickball! :)

Alison said...

Ooo, major points for Jeff!! How fun. But I'm most impressed that he arranged a surprise for the week he'd be gone. That's just too sweet for words--and proof once again how well you guys work together.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I'm allergic to flowers, so my husband doesn't even have to go there LOL Those backpacks are so cool. We didn't have anything nearly that great when i went to school. Hope she enjoys them for years to come.

I can't think of a Lucy episode enough to describe it, but I know which one it is -- if that makes any sense. It is 4am here, so I'll just say that I'm tired lol That's a great gift.

Nej said...

How sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great guy you have!!!!!!!!

My hubby loves to bring flowers to me at work...says he likes seeing me smile. But, he WON'T do it for an occasion. Not Valentines' Day, not birthdays, not anniversaries. He thinks flowers are a "just because" kind of thing. It's actually pretty sweet. :-)

Now, he refuses to spend any kind of money on greeting cards. Not one scent. For the same reason that Jeff gives for flowers.

Karen M. Peterson said...

It's so much fun to get flowers.

But it's even more fun to get something like the complete series of I Love Lucy! How exciting!

And I love Teagan's backpack. What a great idea!