Sunday, January 4, 2009

Movies of 2008

Caught some special this afternoon while putting Zach down for a nap that covered the top 10 movies of 2008 for these 2 reviewers (no clue who they were). Jeff and I used to see movies all the time. Now... not so much. Now we have to sneak out to see a movie, it seems. So I'm making a list of movies that I want to see when they hit the DVD shelves. In no particular order... Doubt The Reader Marley & Me Fireproof Iron Man Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian The Lovely Bones (EDIT- I'm soooo out of touch... per IMDB, this movie isn't due to be released until Dec 2009. So I guess I can still catch it in theatres. Ha!) WALL-E Milk Twilight The Curious Case of Benjamin Button The Class Rachel Getting Married Slumdog Millionaire In Bruges The Wrestler Wendy and Lucy To be honest, I hadn't heard of many of these movies. But they do sound interesting. So I've got a list. Maybe I should make a 4 day late resolution for the New Year... to see as many of these films as possible!


mimbles said...

We gave the kids Prince Caspian for Christmas, it wasn't bad, I only yelled "that doesn't happen in the book!" a few times ;-)

The only otherones I've seen on that list are WALL-E which was ok but I'm not in a hurry to watch it again (not that I'll be given a choice once the kids get the dvd) and Iron Man which I've watched several times and will probably watch several more before I get tired of it.

Joanie said...

The ones on your list that I've seen were:
Iron Man liked it
Prince Caspian it was ok
Wall-e cute story!

hmm... thought I'd seen more. I want to see Benjamin Button and The Lovely Bones (LOVED the book!)

have fun going through that list! and let us know what you thought of them.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Fireproof today...Awesome was at church, did you and Jeff go? They are starting a six week study on this movie starting on Wednesday night after connexion dinner (repeat on Sunday morning at 9am). I am sure you already knew this, but wanted to give you the info in case you didn't.

See Ya.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Ashli, I had really wanted to come this afternoon (Jeff and I both) but Zach is sick and it just wouldn't have seemed right for just me to go.

I will definitely let ya'll know when I've knocked some of the list! Joanie, I loved the book, too. It's the only reason I want to see it! I've read Alice Sebold's memoir "Lucky" and also recently read "The Almost Moon."

Anonymous said...

Re Marley and Me....wait for the DVD unless you like bawling your eyes out in theatres....Mike read the book and now I can't on account of the last chapter. The first ones were HILARIOUS, but the last one where he cried made me not even want to read the book let alone see the movie in public. I won't say anymore otherwise it will spoil it....just a warning!

Amy said...

Fireproof and Marley and Me are on my list. You can skip Wall-E if you ask me. Haven't heard of the others.

Do you Redbox? Or Netflix? Or are you an old school Blockbuster gal?

Garret said...

Get Netflix! You can keep a list of movies, even ones in the theater now. You can get 1-4 movies a time, depending on how much you want to spend a month. It also includes unlimited online movie viewing. check it out.

Anonymous said...


Dan and I have not been able to see many movies lately but we saw "Doubt" this week and it was one I'm sure you'll love. Mostly just close-ups on people talking but such people! And the concepts are fascinating. The time flew by.

My son Brent writes movie reviews for the IU paper and he said "Rachel Getting Married" was one of the best movies he has seen.

I enjoyed Ironman a lot, too.

Amy W said...

I totally loved In Bruges.... so funny and violent, but I still managed to cry a couple times. I liked a bunch of your list and am anxious to see the one's I haven't yet.... I'm dying to see Rachel Getting Married.

Except Prince Caspian which I thought was TERRIBLE.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Jeff has Netflix so I know we can add these to his list.

I've read Marley & Me and loved it. So I know how it ends... and what happens during!

I really think Anne Hathaway is a fantastic talent. And I like how she kind of slips under the radar most of the time and then pops up with an amazing movie.

Mary Ellen said...

I've only heard of about half those movies. Hope you'll review as you see them - I'm always looking for suggestions!

Boozy Tooth said...

I agree with Garret... NetFlix is the way to go!

Larry and I don't go to the movies anymore. The last several times we went we had such bad experiences (chatter throughout the entire movie, cell phones going off, people having loud conversations on their cell phones, screaming babies, broken film reels, etc.) we just decided it wasn't worth it. Ticket prices are astronomical and climbing higher. We seem satisfied with our cable On Demand feature and NetFlix. Plus... the food is much better at home and the wine never stops flowing. hic.

miss tanyamami said...

I've had netflix since 2006 and I just put it on hold today because I don't have time for movies haha Maybe that's a good thing. We had some people from the church we went to tell us Fireproof was amazing. I really want to see it.