Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tag-Along

I'm trying a little something new today- Tuesday Tag-Along. I'm exploring some fun blogs that are new to me and hoping to connect with some new regular readers and commenters on my blog! Be sure to scroll down and see my post for today (I post daily) - my adventures (and surprising success) with gardening this year! If you are stopping by for the first time... I blog about... lots of stuff. Parenting, marriage, exercise, healthy eating, faith, spirituality. I recently received a blog award where I was asked to share 5 words that describe my blogging philosophy and experience. I chose "Honest, Positive, Journal, Mission, Satisfying." Tuesday Tag-Along Photobucket


visitoardc said...

Hope you enjoy your TTA! We've become big fans of it and are your newest follower. Come visit when you get a chance! :) scienceisgrowing.blogspot.com

Garret said...

Fun stuff!

Ott, A. said...

Thanks so much for stoppin' by for a Latte' on TTA. I am happy to follow you back, us Hoosier bloggers need to stick together. Anxious to see future posts from you.