Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twitter Chat How To

If you aren’t already a Twitter user, go to Twitter and join.  Or go and sign in with your login.


You can follow Fit City on Twitter.


I like to use TweetChat to follow a Twitter chat.


Follow the instructions to sign in.  When you sing in, it will use your Twitter info.  Then you input the hashtag at the top- type in “indyfitchat.”


Then, when the chat starts, you will see everything that comes through on Twitter using that “hashtag.”  A hashtag is just that pound sign #- it’s just a way of following a series of comments through Twitter.  It’s like a tag or something.

When you put in a comment in the box at the top, it will post through your Twitter account and will automatically include the #indyfitchat when you hit update.


Karen M. Peterson said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I didn't know about TweetChat. And...neither does anyone else I follow, or they'd kindly move their Bachelor chats there on Mondays... :-)

Unknown said...

You are so smart. Twitter confuses me to no end!

Garret said...

I had an account. I hated it and closed it.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I don't LOVE Twitter. I do enjoy the chats with FitCity. I've got my Eternal Lizdom Facebook page set up so that anything I post there becomes a tweet on Twitter. I don't get on Twitter regularly and find it somewhat overwhelming when I do- it feels very scattered to me.

I've just really enjoyed those chats and this is a way to enjoy the Twitter chats without having to get fully invested in all things Twitter.