Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lake Rudolph in Santa Claus, IN

Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort

Loved it.  If you want the short version of our experience staying at Lake Rudolph- that’s it.  Loved it.  Eager to go back and wish we’d had more time to spend there.

If you’re here for details- read on!

First, I want to show you the pictures that were shared with me via press kit.  They captured some pics that I wasn’t able to capture.  Click to see the image bigger and hover over the image for a description. 

Blitzen Bay Pool at Lake Rudolph Blitzen Kitchen at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort Exterior of King Rental RV at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV R Fishing at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort Free Mini Golf at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort Gem Mining Activity at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort Interior of Family Rental Cabin at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort Interior of King Rental RV at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV R Kitchen in New Super King Rental RV Lake Rudolph Campground New Super King Rental RV at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Res Rental Cabin Exterior at at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Res RV Site at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort Sitting Area in New Super King Rental RV at Lake Rudolph Cam Standard Rental RV at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort Street Sign at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort Tent Camping at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort

How true to life are press pics?  Very!!

What I really wish is that we could have stayed a second night just so we could spend another day exploring Lake Rudolph.  There is so much to do and enjoy!  We arrived late in the day on Tuesday and spent Wednesday morning there and, of course, slept there Tuesday night.  I did not get to experience everything that Lake Rudolph has to offer- not even close.  I did get a lovely golf cart tour of the grounds (Thanks, Laura!) and it really wet my whistle for all they have to offer.

Here’s how our time went: Got to the RV and unloaded the van.  Went out to find a place to have dinner (went to Brick Oven Pizza- they had a buffet that was ok. The pizza was meh but the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and veggies were pretty good and the staff was hugely friendly and helpful.).  Went to the Candy Castle.  Came back to the RV.  Attempted to make a fire in the fire pit so we could toast marshmallows and make smores.  Got the kids to bed.  Crashed into our bed.  Woke up way too early (before 6 a.m.).   Went in search of breakfast since we didn’t bring groceries.  Played on the playground by the Camp Store.  Went to the Camp Store so we could do the gem sluice thing (Teagan was very excited to find all kinds of pretty gemstones and even an arrowhead!).  Back to the RV, pack up, go to Holiday World.

Here’s what I imagine a longer stay being like:

Spending a couple of hours at Blitzen Bay (pool) and Baby Blitzen (baby pool).

Participate in the offered activities like: animal stuffing (cuddly stuffed animals, not dead things), tie dye shirts, family movie, bonfire, karaoke, bingo.

Rent a paddle boat to paddle around on Lake Rudolph- and watch The Legend Roller Coaster at Holiday World fly by!

Play the FREE miniature golf and walk the nature trails.

Bring a roll of quarters so I… er, the kids… can play video games in the Game Room.

Go to Blitzen Kitchen for ice cream.  Call up Blitzen Kitchen and order pizza to be delivered to our rental site.

Bring a basketball so Jeff can shoot hoops with the kids.

Bring charcoal and shop at Holiday Foods for hot dogs and buns and condiments so we can cook out for dinner. 

Bring folding chairs to have around the fire pit… and learn how to actually build a camp fire so that marshmallows can be toasted over a wood caught flame instead of burning newspaper…

There is just so, so much to do and I know we could have had so much fun there. 

Jeff had one complaint.  The property is very hilly and the rental RV’s- which are permanently anchored in their spots- are sometimes a bit, well, airborne.


Jeff was a little freaked out everytime the kids climbed up into a bed or ran down the hall or sneezed or flushed or blinked.

The kids had one complaint.  The bugs.  Every bug was a spider or an ant to them.  I think if we were there for a period of more than 12 hours, they would have gotten more and more comfortable with the fact that we had to cohabitate with bugs.

My complaint? Not enough time there!

You can rent a space to pitch your tent and do tent camping.  There are bathhouses available near the pool and laundry facilities, too.  You can rent a space for your RV or camper.  You can rent an RV- standard, king, or super king.  You can rent a cabin or even rent a Legendary Cabin (The Legend roller coaster goes right next to these cabins- you can feel them SHAKE when the coasters screams past) and next year, there will be deluxe cabins (large deck with gas grill, upgraded appliances, larger dining and living space, decorated for Christmas with lights and tree).  We were in a king RV- it had a pop out for each bedroom and the living area.  Plenty of space for our family of 4. 

We had a bedroom with a king size bed and a half bath.  There was the living room (couch) and kitchen and dining area.  Fully stocked kitchen- pots, pans, dishes, silverware.  One point of caution- check the drawers when you get there because I was peeking in and found a large butcher style knife in a lower drawer that I quickly moved up to the cup cabinet so it was out of reach of my kids.  There was a coffee maker, alarm clock, dish soap and cleaning cloth, broom, dustpan, extra trash bags, full size fridge and freezer, small stove and oven, double sink.  If we were to plan a couple of nights there, we would bring food to cook and use the drawers and dishware and such.  Instead, we used one glass and 2 spoons and the broom and that was really it.  Oh- and you bring your own sheets, pillows, and towels.  I advise also bringing paper towels or a dish towel and a box of kleenex (they provide toilet paper).

There was no TV and while there is WiFi onsite and at many locations on the grounds, it didn’t reach our site.  At first, I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled about not being able to unwind in front of the TV but… it ended up being a really good thing.  Jeff and I spent time just sitting together and reading.  Then we sat and talked about the day behind us and the day ahead.  And then we went to bed.  We just spent time together.  Would have been nice to sit outside around a campfire and hold hands and look up at the stars…. but we were TIRED!


We had gorgeous views out our windows into wooded areas- I even saw a bunny out in the grass in the morning. 

One of the unadvertised parts of Lake Rudolph- and even of Santa Claus in general- is just how friendly everyone is there.  Anytime we drove around the Resort, people wave.  People walking places wave, people outside their RVs wave, people standing around outside the Camp Store or at the playground chat and smile.  So if you aren’t a friendly person… maybe Spencer County isn’t the best vacation spot for you.

I’m eager to go back.  And I’m eager to share more about our trip with all of you!!!  Lincoln’s Boyhood Home and Santa’s Candy Castle and the Santa Claus Museum and the Christmas Store and Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari and… well, it’s all coming!

I definitely recommend staying at Lake Rudolph!


Nancy C said...

Sounds wonderful! Just time unplugged and with the family is priceless!

Beth Zimmerman said...

That sounds amazing! Is it in Illinois? (I lose track of where everyone is. Guessing that from "Lincoln's boyhood home.") We really want to rent a cabin, or condo, somewhere this summer and just get away for a long weekend. Rest and reconnect as a family! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth -

This is actually in Indiana ... Santa Claus, Indiana to be exact! How fun is that? :o)

Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort
Santa Claus Christmas Store

Garret said...

"Attempted to make a fire in the fire pit so we could toast marshmallows and make smores."

Attempted? Is there a funny story missing? Oh, I see. I was commenting as I read so I don't miss anything.

"animal stuffing (cuddly stuffed animals, not dead things)"

Uhhhh funny, I hadn't thought of dead things until you said that. LOL

Uh a pop out? A slide Liz, a slide.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I am so not up on my RV lingo! Dangit! If I walk into a crowd of RVers and try to look all hip and cool, I'm going to fail miserably.

Neither Jeff nor I come from a great history of fire making or camping. I bought a bag of firewood. I also grabbed some of the free newspapers at the market and bought a lighter. We made a little teepee with the wood and shoved balled up newspaper under it. I think we decided what we needed was more kindling and small sticks. We didn't need a big fire that would last a long time, either, so a small kindling fire would have been fine.

Us city folk... don't know nothin' bought fires or slides!

Garret said...

Liz: The funny thing is we hate camp fires. The smoke. Ack!

That's my solution. :-)

Eternal Lizdom said...

The really sad thing is that I did a good amount of camping back in high school for a couple of years- some really awesome outdoor, roughing it trips.

If we ever get serious about the outdoor thing, we might have to look into something like that... but for now... I'm content with Vacation Microwave Smores. :)